And the law of Dato Merpateh to landward is this: Custom looks for signs of guilt; When custom declares the offence proved, It is not a peccadillo to he mildly corrected. Pilens and stipe brick red, quite smooth, and opaque; hymenium yellow, surface next stipe rather deeply sinuate; stipe shallowly reti- culate-fibrillose above; flesh of pileus pale yel- low, of stipe bright yellow becoming reddish on exposure; pileus 4 — 9 cm. The personnel of the Council was changed during the year only by the resignation of Professor J. Kata pegawai kata berubong. Jalan ka-dunia itu, Pertama gong dan ehanang, Makan dan milium, Semanda-menyemanda.

Burkill ,, Index for the year. Orang semanda- bertempat semanda. Vide ‘ ‘ Adatrechtbundel, VI. Finally the blaze of the Eugenia is quite dry. Indeed, it would be only the purest guess-work, with any comparisons of existing herbarium material. When the pact is made, A token is accepted, And the news spread from neighbour to neighbour, The news of the ring token. Contribution from the Entomological Laboratory of Cornell University. Custom looks for signs of guilt; When custom declares the offence proved, It is not a peccadillo to he mildly corrected.

Society and the political constitution has different grades. The tribal headman his ancestral rights, The inheritors their entail. Plant springing from white mycelium. And the first of tribal headmen Fell in attitude of homage: And it is probable that the iron pegs were driven in as ” climbing steps ” and not as boundary-marks: The veins are prominent, those in the apical area some- what nodulate.

Members of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, by a letter received inare according to the privilege of admission to the monthly meetings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, which are held usually at the Society’s house, 1 Park Street, Calcutta.

Muafakat lalu di-dalam gelap, Adat lalu di-tengah terang. It is approved by custom To bring to light and compare facts. It was pointed out that Mr. The educa- Bila mengadakan anak, tion of Kalau laki-laki, di-serah mengaji; children, Iyalau perempuan, di-serah harimai. Sons-in-law are of five kinds, First the mere son-in-law; Secondly the father of children for the tribe; Thirdly the green fly that leaves his sting and deserts his pregnant mateFourthly the bee that sips from every flower.

The married man serves his wife’s tribe. A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. The inscriptions are long and both terminate with the name of Lord Minto.

The Turkic-Turkish Theme in Traditional Malay Literature

Adams Vice President for Penang. Hose, then Archdeacon, Mr.

Pelesit dua sa-kampong, 1 Enaii sa-batang dua sigai Mata tnmboli tiada berbeneh, 2 Sumbaiig ka-pada tabiat. Ful table shows that the Annamite form approaches in its skull measurements nearest the Serow from Chamba, Capricomis sumatraensis sub-sp. Nama jalan dua teripar, Pertama jalan karna Allah, Kedua jalan ka-pada dunia. Customary law hinges on religious law, Religious law on the word of God.

Full text of “Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society”

Not till the pastoral age did we get our custom of entail. Burkill , i A. 888-89 berkelantasan, Lembaga bersekat. Prothorax black-brown, rough, very pubescent with short, red- dish-brown hairs which almost entirely conceal the weak punctua- tion ; humeral angles very large, heavy, triangular and blunt, pro- jecting directly laterad; suprahumeral horns short, very stout, about as long as their width at base and about as far apart at their bases as the basal width of one horn, projecting upward, outward and slightly forward, upper surfaces very rough and nodulose with irregular carinae.

Surgeon of the Bengal Establishment 16th Sept.

Hilang adat karna muafakat. This Sumatran f orm appears by Blan- tord, Lydekker, S. Some notes on a short collecting trip to Mt.

Copies may be presented by the Council to other Societies or to distinguished individuals, and the remaining copies shall be sold at such prices as the Council shall from time to time direct. What is transplanted withers, what is uprooted dies: Its functions may be summed up: This type is represented by one species, Boletus retisporus. Barretto de Resende’s Account of Malacca, by W. Obedience to whom obedience is due.

Once it pulled so hard that its feet slipped, causing it to fall heavily to the ground. Prothorax narrow, black, finely punctate, sparingly pubescent with golden hairs: The crown is fairly open.

Masa itu terhutang-lali orang semanda, Petang mengandaugkan, Pagi melepaskan ; Di-jaga ayam? When a man marries and goes to his wife’s family. Stipe finely, openly, trans- verse scaly throughout, finer a-t top and bottom; pileus drab throughout, stipe blue- grey ; hymenium yellowish brown, its surface next stipe very narrowly sinuate; flesh pale drab throughout, slight- ly darkening on exposure; pileus 4 cm.

Well, the comparative method helps also to reveal how funda- Jour. And Willinck’s account holds good of Jelebu and of Johol. Stipe finely scrobiculate above; surface of pileus usually minutely reticulate- ly broken; pileus dark um- ber-brown; hymenium pale Jour.

List of Members for Lim Boon Keng, Hon. The bark, when cut or wound- ed, exudes a dark blood red or crimon sticky juice, which turns black on drying. Whittington Avenue, London, E. And the adat is not an inelastic code of law but bows to altered conditions. Hymenial surface deeply and rather broadly sinuate next stipe; plant in groups of 2 -to 4 or more, from a white mycelium: Yet judgment was once given on appeal against a Eembau’s man’s unfortunate female relation, the judge manusai loathe to reject evidence collected by the ” intelligent enquiry of the local magistrate: Press, Kuala Lumpur, Vice President,mnusia,

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