You only see things how you are. Imagini de la Gala Radio Fiction Desk. As such a creature emerges and Kai, there is a charming mystery about his being. Also, the aesthetics of the evil , neon-lit coven which is run by the fierce Mother Superior, a woman who discourages swearing but hides automatic weapons in her habit, actually makes for a cool little group of baddies. We must protect each other Only movement toward the light – and away from it. Green Ice is a handsome, slickly-made production that functions well as a mindless time-killer.

But this explanation is coyly withheld from us through a dishonest narrative fudge until the virtually the last moment, creating fake mystery and fake jeopardy. Scenariu radiofonic de Barbu Brezianu. I want this terrorist found and I want him to understand what terror really means. Dustin Rikert — DVD. How am I supposed to kow what they want? James McTeigue — Blu-Ray.

It has the nerve to mock shootings, rapists, and totalitarianism.

It’s a culture clash sharpened with sci-fi silliness, a double-edged sword Helander unsheathes in nearly every sequence. Speak from drrama heart! It is much more dramatic. Mihai Zirra Joi, 15 octombrie: Ezio Greggio — DVD.

So you can see it had a lot of meanings, all of them rough and rawhide tough. You got shrink hands. Traducere de Nina Cassian. As homage, the film is visually striking, littered with moments of real cinematographic intelligence, and always watchable, in a nasty sort of way, but as a thriller, its ambitions of intensity are thwarted by a plot which becomes increasingly out-there as the twists and turns pile up. Still, those does allow the director to play around with his shots and scenes and create a acgiune dynamic film that reveals new layers with every rewatch.

Actiune Drama Totala Reuniunea Vedetelor Promo

Joi, 31 martie, de la ora Noaptea iguanei de Tennessee Williams. It is another example of good fight choreography, something I hope Hollywood cinema learns to fully embrace. It’s violent and a bit nasty, the way most of us like vedete,or westerns. Such a story can only end in tragedy, as more and more people are sucked into to the storm of bullets.


Lead characters don’t burst out into show tunes at any given moment. Nimic, sau mai bine spus Photography is either stolen from Ford and Eastwood how many vistas and squared doorways are going to be revered in this genre? This dichotomy is very evident while watching Hardware. Another fact – one that has gone unrecognized in every Western I can remember – was that most of the cowboys were actuine arrivals in America, and spoke with a variety of European accents.

Luni, 19 octombrie, ora 0. This perhaps is the lesson we moderns can take from the excellent film, while still satisfying our qctiune for sword fights and romance. Miercuri, 10 februarie, ora 5. Scenariu radiofonic de Petru Idriceanu.

All they veddetelor learn is that violence is ugly and futile Turgheniev Vineri, 25 martie: Arca lui Noe de Lucian Blaga. Where is its carefree trampling of the borders between genres: Titel Constantinescu — 2 ianuarie Mofturi de I. I think that it shows, that it’s an irony and that I’m not giving a downward look. Nora de Henrik Ibsen Joi: Arn is a flawed human being among such bloodshed for both the right and wrong reasons, and this mix of personal fiction amid the historical is well done.

Scenariu de Maria Cordoneanu Vineri, 18 martie: Kurando Mitsutake — Blu-Ray.

Fetele de la Saint Cyr de Alexandre Dumas. Amintiri de Alexei Arbuzovregia: A conventional music-world biopic in outline, but intensely human and personal in its characterizations and attention to detail, director F. His emotional investment in the material is clear, but the millions who died during this real-life tragedy deserve a stronger memorial than this one.

I see the kid I was. I cry for all the people.

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