If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. Wish I could do that everyday.. Wai Mea surfcow , I just happened to hit upon this variation of the launching sequence for PC users. How did you angle tha icicle shot to get them both? BB aim slightly down — just to smash suvenirs. Plus 11K on the same strat with the additional collateral I was hoping for. Time for some vino: Have a good Sunday!..

Using the standard strategy I got my highscore while travelling home by train. The score in the video below is , Have a good Sunday!.. When I got my score 3 years ago power ups were not available as they are now!! D Congratulations on the trophy! BB aim slightly down — just to smash suvenirs. PB arc to nicely knock down icicles.

I am curious how long my top score will last, as higher scores will be possible even k. And congrats on catching Klara lol: At any rate, this is one way to get both icicles to come down.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham 3 Stars Walkthrough

I got hit on the shoulder by a falling coconut once which hurt a lot but I was just grateful it missed my head. Deffo found aiming for the metal plank to raise the pieces to the icicles is the better strategy. It was the little subtleties in the video not talked about in other strats.

Wow everything blown to bits, 65k after 1st bird then 2nd bird took out the snow blocks blew up tnt and everything on santas sleigh flew high in the air and disappeared. Try grazing the first big icicle and hitting the other one with your first pink bird. My score for level 16 isfirst the bubble bird I hit the top portion of the wooden section under the icicles then it grabbed the icicles and dropped them at the same time grabbed some of the wood and dropped them, this obliterated everything except the big piggie on the sled.

Time for some vino: Same shots for an easier level, at least for me. I improved a bit on this one, but getting frustratedtime to move on and come girds another day: BB aim slightly down — just to smash suvenirs.

After all the frustrating attempts using all the other strategies, yours was relatively easy.

Pink Bird through icicles to destroy remaining birds at right. So I bit wnderham nicely by 4. Finish by tossing the last Pink bird into the icicles above the structure, letting them slice through the remaining pigs. I was trying for a score of k didnt think i woul get more than that.

Bounce one icicle to other. The stone ledge can easily take out both icicles and destroy all the birds at the right, including the one encased in ice.

Winter Wonderham

Thanks for the video e-starI always get great scores when I birsd your videos. Split Blue Bird just before hitting the snow triangle. There should be quite a few more points here with a nicer collapse. Reckon I could have got that time.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

Aim Pink Bird between left presents, let it bubble at right of sled. Piggy64 Did you happen to maybe mistype your score, or hit the power up accidentally? The ensuing chain reaction should clear the remaining pigs. Did you use the same strat as in einter video, or did you find something different?

Have 11 good Sunday!. I just totally got a one birder by flinging stella high arc and then not paying one bit of attention what happened lol, only k though: Our strategy is to loft stella high so that she lands between the first two towers. So, you are trying to get access to the older episodes. When I got my score 3 years ago power ups were not available as they are now!! Easy split shot to get the presents and two left-most bad piggies.!

Nice improving everyone, I improved 2k, but I want a HollyDog!! With the blue bird I hit him and most of the ice. I noticed a change in this level which makes birsd a bit more difficult to get an aiming point, the cracks in the ice under the sling are much thinner now than in the video, and in Estars video, Karen68 hunnybunny is that the same for you?

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