Post Share on Facebook. There are also numerous sequences mainly one with both Harley and Joker which appear to have been animated in watercolours or the CGI equivalent , really diversifying and setting the artwork apart. Nevertheless its when Batman appears in Japan that you really notice how beautiful the anime is here. Don’t have an account? So now old Bruce is stuck in feudal Japan without the cover of urban Gotham and with only a few of his gadgets. Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer.

Luckily he does have Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, Alfred, Catwoman, and a entire Batman ninja clan on his side so its not a one way street. Its literally appears to be a case of, Batman in Japan sounds cool, lets see how that turns out. But alas I totally tuned out from the halfway point when things just go bonkers. Batman Ninja is one of the most raucous movies of the year and the most entertained I have been in a while. What would Batman’s enemies look like in ancient Japan? May 1, Rating: Post Share on Facebook.

So whilst I was kinda expecting something along the lines of ‘Seven Samurai’ or ‘Yojimbo’ with Batman roaming ancient Japan like a Ronin, handicapped without his technology and having to take down each villain one stage at a time in an old fashioned yet admittedly videogame-esque manner. Batman in Batman samurai armour in feudal Japan?

Post Share on Facebook. Ai Kakuma as Catwoman. This is hands-down the most avant-garde animated film to come out of DC. Jun 14, Full Review….

Batman Fklm is one of the most raucous movies of the year and the most entertained I have been in a while. What we have here is exactly what it sounds like, an anime version of Batman. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Batman is out of his element, he’s vulnerable without his gadgets and his urban jungle, anything could happen.


I love the entire concept, I love the artwork, and I appreciate all the hard work involved. Total insanity with lots of double crosses to boot. May 8, Rating: The plot seems to be a one-off affair that isn’t linked to any previous works or anything coming up.

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How would Batman go about his crime fighting business etc We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. There is substance and there’s tonnes of style, but admittedly its all spread over a wafer thin plot.

Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Wataru Ota as The Joker. The movie starts off in a suitably dark and stormy Gotham but soon zaps back through time to feudal Japan.

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However I did really like how Takashi incorporated genuine traditional ancient Japanese attire both formal and battle wear into the characters appearances. Only the costumes remind you its Japan. Okazaki’s character designs are simply astonishing, full of great moments of fun and action that will keep you hooked throughout the entirety of the film.

But slowly scene by scene things start to become more ridiculous as the plot unfolds.

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Log in with Facebook. What would Batman look like in ancient Japan?

Naturally Batman gets caught up in this too and somehow the entire Batman family of heroes, oh and some of his tech. So now old Bruce is stuck in feudal Japan without the cover of urban Gotham and with only a few of his gadgets.

Superb anime and an unprecedented time-travel adventure bring a new dimension to this iconic hero. Rie Kugimiya as Harley Quinn. And at the end of the day you can’t really get around the fact this was probably only done because it simply looked letual sounded cool. Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer.

Jun 4, Rating: By that I mean it was indeed cool to see Batman in his own Batman styled samurai battle armour which I’m sure many have seen fanart of before. Its basically Batman set in feudal Japan. May 1, Rating: Its essentially a massive fanboy wet dream project like say I think all the characters looked great and were kta recognisable from their comic origins but I still can’t help but think hand drawn animation would cimpleto looked better.

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