For a TV documentary, the two unemployed friends Benny and Marko pretend to be petty criminals with immigrant background until the coin flips and reality turns against them. There are different music genres he is working in: Er hat die Kamera geschultert und ist damit quer durch die Welt, durch die Welt der Liebe, gereist: Riahi and Geza Horvat Austria , 5 min. They are too artificial for that, and too naked. Here you can find a colorful crowd blended in with the greenest fresh picked turnips and the worlds best vinegars. Shopping centers have been booming for many years.

Saas-Fee Filmfest Filmfestival Bozen Instead of surrendering, the Nicobarese face the challenges. A film by Arash T. Wander the stalls and be blown away by the wealth of products on display. He began riding mountain bikes at the age of 10 and is known for being the third person to ever land a double backflip during a mountain bike contest. Suffering from phimosis, the eight-year-old Joseph has to do prescribed stretching exercises. Evgenia Anyebe Thanks to:

What would you do if your income were taken care of? Ryan Sheckler — American professional skateboarder Austria26 min. Sixpack Film Vienna While on one hand Mississippi belongs to the tradition of avant-garde film, it maintains an ironic distance at the same time.

They travel to the unknown world to meet with researchers and allies. The largest indoor market in Budapest is also the most elegant in Europe! He wants to die there and be eaten by the animals.

A film about the price of the dream of a better life. He has won several championships and the gold medal in an X-Game Freestyle event.

They are, when possible, played live to the cinema projection, thereby creating a friction of media between the partially effect-laden and artificial images and the performative directness and impetus of a highly-concentrated rock concert.

Grandma Dela, who lives in a slum of the tropical megacity, and the intellectual Wardah Hafidz are setting out to collect 1.

Riahi and Geza Horvat Austria9 min. Ken Roczen is an German motocross rider and amongst others winner oft he world-junior-WM Riahi Austria90 min.

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A feature documentary by Arman T. Casa del Parco, Torino Italy Two interpreters sit in a booth. Yet even their nakedness: For a TV documentary, the two unemployed friends Benny and Marko pretend to be petty criminals with immigrant background until the coin flips and reality turns against them. Since the beginning of his career in he has won many international prizes, both with his crew and as a solo dancer.

You are on TV yourself or the aquarium watches you. He won several gold medals in world championships. But they find new concepts, how sustainable humanitarian aid and development could look like in the future.

Riahi and Geza Horvat Austria5 min. In never before seen images, scientist Simron Jit Singh takes us onto an emotional journey with his early film recordings of this mysterious ancient culture, dating from long before the Tsunami. This is accompanied by an excessive amount of hugging and kissing, and also a clash between Muslim and Western cultures.

David Lama — Austrian sport climber and mountaineer Austria26 min. A film about home and exile, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and all the other relatives, close and distant, in an extended Persian family. Ken Roczen — German motocross rider Austria26 min. Make between hay, bake bread, milk the cows on the occasion of the solar eclipse occur not only fear, but also hopes and dreams to the surface, which revolve around a better life.

Ashley Fiolek — American motocross racer Austria26 min. Olsson — Swedish freeskier Austria26 min. Ryan Allen Sheckler is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. Together with his friends, Nicobari Prince Rasheed Yusuf and journalist Denis Giles, he is soon confronted with the suffocating pressure of aid and development.

The view on the daily practice of the praying of a Muslim changes through the view of the audience. At the age of 5 years she won her first national title and at the age of 9 years her first world title. Reformel Directed by Arash T.


For one of them this brief moment of freedom leads to a tragedy in a long aisle full of colourful products. The visual focus is mainly somewhere under the non-existent ceiling of this claustrophobic yet boundless room. The compulsory number revue in a innovatibe that moves bodies in dance is substituted with music by the Austrian band Naked Lunch – fine-tuned and perfectly synchronised with the film filj.

A feature film by Clemens Roth Austria15 min.

He won several goldmedals and was the star oft he MTV-produced reality show life of Ryan. Ali Ramdanibetter known by his stage name Lilou, is an Algerian Breakdancer. Andreas Pichler casts light on this paradoxical predicament and intones an intricate cinematic requiem. On their way, the three friends risk all they have. Surrounded by Cote du Rhone vineyards, mountain pastures and fruity hills in Ardeche, Lyon guarantees the market has an abundance of quality foods for sale. Rilm has been bothering me the whole time A film by Arash T.

Rilm Austria6 min.

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