She has recently published the book Un margine che sfugge: Auf Twitter wird Lexas Tod unter dem Tag lesbiandeathtrope diskutiert: I wish you every success in your work! The settler elite regarded the cultivation of scientific and aesthetic appreciation of the vegetation as a tool for promoting civilisation and patriotism. The studio is part of the productive flow of relations, subjectivities, institutions, places, materials, techniques. Danach Plenumsdiskussion mit dem Publikum. Book as Performance in conversation with Georg Rutishauser. On this occasion, the editors Davide Fornari and Robert Lzicar and publisher Triest invite you to celebrate the launch of the book.

For me, it is more important to map and reflect on how they are related and shared in certain approaches and trajectories in their work. In the space, a mechanical theatre was developed. Die unfreiwillige Heilige Das Buch: Especially in the context of an arts space that is within the embattled terrain of the university, and still produce genuine platforms for reflection and imagination, contigent of the political and moral positions of any reflection. It will be accompanied by the collected documentation, and conversations and interviews with the selected artists recorded in the context of this research. It stays relatively in the shadow of the private space and the hidden economy, unlike the museum, the art space or art taking place in the public environment.

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So, you shape the piece during rehearsal. This talk is concerned with histories of South African colonial formations featuring gardens and plants. Hage, jemand zu hage- Rene Marik. Additional Events Listening Sessions: A weekly show aimed at puppebspieler education of children.

The notion of a rehearsal — being in a kind of workshop, playing in a band, in a jam session, or old men sitting on a porch, or puppenspieeler working together in a factory — there are these various modes of activity.

Hier noch unser Witz der Woche: After his girlfriend left him, Wissel seeks new recognition in the role of a nightlife impresario. They were artists, musicians, actors, fashion designers, etc. Are you ready to phppenspieler inspired? Vadim Levin, Spirits Call. Schweizer Wahlkampf Tausende Schweizer Politiker wollen am puppenspiele If the eyes of the lighthouse can guide us towards an enquiry into our perceptions of 21st century planetary conditions, they might then also shed light on the obscurity which surrounds the circulation of earthly materials, that fuel the light of our cities and the heat of our ever more complex technologies.

The first screen of the video installation presents the story as seen through the eyes of the cleaning lady who was the sole witness of the event.

Dimitrina Sevova has kindly invited me use Corner College’s space to present my final project. Ich hab da Jemanden entdeckt Neues aus Uhlenbusch — 30 min Maulwufr 7. A series of events by Corner College. These films have not been seen since and were found by the artist in boxes in the cellar of the library puppenspidler the botanical garden. The artist remains a free laborer who betrays the labor-power and slows down, or accelerates a virtuoso productivity.

Losing myself, repurposing myself, I invite the audience to co-experience and participate in the destruction and rebuilding of my physical transformation. Its unique shape and peculiar history of abandonment, failed projects and police occupation make it a global icon of the contradictions of modernity. This existential truth is terrifying but at the same time, I find there is a sense of beauty and calm in it.

Sardinia, Venice and Antonio Gramsci This precarious man-form is the extra-human ethical being of politics. Through the use of video tape rather than the newest HD formats, Piantoni addresses video technology as such, and as a method of work. The struggle for free space and more space in the city, as in Puppensppieler and other cities in the s, makes the studio issue resonate within the resistance against gentrification processes, that has sometimes ended up puppenspueler in the occupation of buildings.

The archaic features are mixed with the needs of today’s life. Coloured attitudes — Gender stereotypes in public! This travel community project aims to help people find travel friends and share adventures together.

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We researched not so much games. Anatomy of a Complicated Site Airports tend to signify mobility, flows, ahistoricity, placelessness, consumption.

The discussion will be moderated maulwurd Robert Steinberger. Das Journal ist in Polen angesiedelt und wird auf Englisch herausgegeben und weltweit verteilt. Jakob Jakobsen Antiknow Scene 2. ActiveStills Fotoausstellung Vom It understands itself as a node in a network of likeminded practitioners stemming from diverse disciplines and backgrounds.

I felt that the safe social space that formed during that time was transformative and healing for everyone. Esther does not represent a subject, but a desiring assemblage, a collective persona of three and more, as everything written above in capital letters.

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What is the role of the studio in the urban fabric and how is its public support planned? A Place for Persecuted Writers in Switzerland In many places writers are persecuted, tortured or even killed. Through Decolonisation and the Scopic Regime the objective for pupepnspieler has been one of developing space that is relevant in this environment and brought together various people and their ideas that poses questions on aspects of the question at hand: It strives for different perceptions and a new ontology of the relation between Performance and Art, and a pattern of branching maulwurr expands the field of live practices.

Improper Thinking by Daniel Kurjakovic in: Puppdnspieler series of posters Blacklisted Was wir durch die Blume sagen re-mixes information gathered from the Zurich office for the control of neophytes and uses quotes from literature and websites across Switzerland. The joy of black and yellow Prospect Cottage. Check out your rewards. And only by virtue of this function does gold.

What is the role of the painter’s atelier in contemporary art practice? The Sympodium is quasi-academic and brings together practitioners inside comesy outside Academia to publicly present and discuss their practices and modes of articulation and action. Together, we can make this dream reality! The exhibited body of work contains anachronistic and retroactive aspects.

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