Chae Kyung stole his heart and the entire story of Goong stole mine! I had to rewind to that part because it was simply TOO funny! I hope she gets the ending she deserves! This show is getting really interesting! Because of the people present in that room, everybody knows what’s really going on. Thanks about the name lol. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I can hide with my laptop in dark corners

I was worried that music might ruin the kiseussin mood but boy, was it so heart throbbing aside from the fact that this couple is very, very visually explosive. I was actually a bit angry after watching this but you calmed me down. AHHH I totally feel every sentiment you have about this drama: Any scene without them or one of them seem a little bored Episode 12 Full Episode S 1: Then, complicating matters, young Hae-young had entered just as Seol had been leaving. The beautiful country of Thailand was briefly shown.

They have this ego but they release it in little doses and that make them cute, funny and yeah why not, more attractive. JD February 9, at Curious, she looks around for the second, not finding anything until her mother calls her name.

I cracked up when dramacrasy was trying to imitate Mishil, muahaha, that’s my girl. April 11, at 1: Having no idea of the plan, Shin drinks some medicine that he was told is good for his body and Chae-kyeong gets all dressed up.

You should check out Queen of Housewives and On Air, luv. I don’t know about SSH acting episose, but his head-tilt, eye-slant, and the way his thick eyebrows meet in the middle every time he tried to express his emotion doesn’t change since the 1st time I watched him in Autumn Fairytale.

We all agree that she is the most adorable pain in the ass; poor guy can only have so much self-control, right?

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So far, eipsode only her that has the symptoms of lovestruck her staying up all night due to the bed incidentand from Hae Young, I get the image of a friend who’s only worried about his frenemy’s well-being.

I’m detached, despite the efforts of showing a half naked man at the beginning or keeping these two in close proximity to each other.

Janet February 10, at 4: Seul treats her so affectionately Ask all the bad questions you want, for the love of fangirls and plot development! From the preview, I don’t see any romantic moments in ep Count me in – front row seats, please!!!!!!

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Shim Hye Jin Supporting Cast. I try to improve on my tilting all the time. This was one of the first dramas I watched when my friend shared her addiction i mean introduced me to K-dramas.

Then, complicating matters, young Hae-young had entered just as Seol had been leaving. This scene happened after the Taiwan trip.

Judy February 12, at 7: Sure stopping Seol sounds like fun for them, but their lies can really hurt their credibility in their respective careers. Hae-young confronts Dan, asking how she knows the story. I fast forwarded most of it, but I’m in agreement with my friend: It also could work the other way around–have no music before the kissing scene which happened here and cue music when kiss happens so that it’s elicits that moment of appreciation.

I suppose I am the only one who likes his head–tilting is this a shame? It didn’t last year. It is now my desktop background. Never looked back ever since.

Kim Jeong Hoon Main Cast. Shin found him with Prince Yul and immediately dragged Chae Gyung out.

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I look forward to tomorrows. While Chae Gyung is close to nothing yet she has the freedom and all the love she needs to feel alive. Episode 5 Full Episode S 1: I am ridiculously relieved The mym crying broke my heart though Javabeans, I too am a sadist.

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