Following breakfast, the Family herd the goats out to graze, giving the Family the opportunity to play a potato fertilizer sack race game, where foul play and Chunhee’s clumsiness are in full display. During the sleep order rankings, the Family role play to compete to be the most pitiful. Meanwhile, the other Family members harvest gastrodia tubers from the field, featuring an impromptu concert encore performance from Jongkook. A mini concert ensues, featuring a group cover of “Kite” by Linus and solo performances from Daesung, Jongkook, Hyori, and Jongshin. Changeui, Chunhee, and Hyori gather mushrooms for the stew and Changeui and Hyori grow closer during cooking. Articles with Korean-language external links CS1 uses Korean-language script ko CS1 Korean-language sources ko All articles with links needing disambiguation Articles with links needing disambiguation from February During bedtime rankings, Chunhee endures a pitiful fall to nearly last place from a first-place finish during the previous episode and Hyori fights for attention and votes from the Family men by performing the Wonder Girls song “So Hot”. We visited with our family friends- The

Dinner preparations include Hyori, Jongkook, and Sung-hoon going off to get vegetables and while at it, the two strong men play a series of games where the loser receives punishment. Just doing what we need to do in a regular day, we are moving in close to finishing our HUGE project. After enjoying the five-grained rice dinner, the Family gather to set their ‘Full Moon House’ ablaze while Yoona puts on a dance performance of ‘Gee’ and Hyori’s ’10 Minutes’ and the members declare their wishes for the Family. We had fun family time this week. Highlights include Chunhee driving the forklift and Sooro’s Bruce Lee-style bag tearing. Han-sun accompanies Jaesuk and Daesung “Dumb and Dumber” in search of flatfish.

Meanwhile, Yejin and Jinwook slice the eel, Jongshin prepares marinade for it with canned barbecue sauce, and Daesung covertly marks charcoal on Hyori’s face.

Back on dry land, the Family form teams with an aegyo paper-rock-scissors battle to play an ‘airplane’ game with one member hold up another with his feet. The Family men enthusiastically welcome the female guest, Lee Soo-kyung, while Yejin and Hyori act displeased. Meanwhile, Dumb and Dumber kindle vjetsub embers of a love-line between Jongkook and Yejin who busily prepare the fish stew and clean the bean sprouts: In the morning, the wake-up mission involves throwing a tennis ball at a Velcro bulls-eye target worn by Jaesuk; Jongshin, Jaesuk and TOP are held responsible for breakfast.

The Family split into two teams, with kuting feeding and vaccinating piglets while the other harvesting melons from the green house. During dinner, via phone, the Family greet and cheer on with Chunhee, who is away on assignment. Gathering at the village, the Family admire Yejin’s new perm and welcome Joon-gi. When done with their tasks, the foursome wait for their boatride home by fighting over pieces of a lollipop.

Sosuk Village, NamwonNorth Jeolla. In the morning, after the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee selects Hyori from a circle of sychophants to prepare breakfast with him.

After eating, the Family feed the cattle and take a break to play a game of team “musical chairs” with a large haystack, featuring Taehyun’s biting foul play and Jongshin’s backwards underpants. Han-sun accompanies Jaesuk and Daesung “Dumb and Dumber” in search of flatfish.

Highlights include 1 Hyori’s team dominating every game despite having the “worst” members of Jaesuk and Jongshin and 2 an emerging rivalry between Haejin and Jaesuk.

Although only able to catch one fish, Rain and Chunhee prepare a tasty dumpling and fish soup with the broth Rain brought.

List of Family Outing episodes – Wikipedia

Highlights include Hyori favoring TOP over Daesung as her favorite Big Bang famioy, Hyuk recommending the need for Jongkook to find a dominating mate, Jongkook being questioned about his history with Oiting Eun-hyeDaesung clarifying his female idol texting scandal, and Jaesuk’s tendency of wearing tight pants.

Back at the house, the Family separate into teams to prepare dinner, with Henney, Chunhee, and Jaesuk charged with buying rice cakes, where Henney acts out a CF. Jongkook sprays water through his teeth, Hyori shows off her strong pinching toes, and Jaesuk excels at hiding among the cameramen.

The four of them go off to the market and buy ray fish to prepare. A kutti Vlogwhen we had an outing to Kuttikkanam.

vietsub family outing season 2 ep 14 part 9 ending

Nicole KaraTiffany Girls’ Generation. During dinner, the exhausted and well-fed trio Jongkook, Jaesuk, and Jongshin must appear hungry to not reveal their clandestine detour. The Family gather at the village, teasing Jongkook over his new song and music video for ‘Happy Virus’.

In the morning, the Family gather oysters from the beach, then play their wake-up mission on the muddy shores, where they must swing their bodies around a horizontal beam. To determine sleep order rankings, the Family perform a scene from Changeui’s musical, with highlights include Hyori scolding Jongkook, Sooro’s cringeworthy singing, and Daesung integrating gift-giving with his performance.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After breakfast, the Family head to the fields to seed the soil, but not before playing a rolling race game.

The losing team does morning chores; Catching snow crabs.

A visit to Cockleshell beach on the southern peninsula of Saint Kitts. Highlights include Hyori trying to place a clamshell in sseason boot, Hyori accidentally kicking Jongkook in the groin, and Daesung inadvertently head-butting Jaesuk. Jo Han-sunKim Sung-soo.

Episode 28 then shifts to the unaired “X-Files”. After dinner, the Family play the Saranghae game, using kisses, rather than forehead slaps, as punishment for laughter. Viersub the Family heads to bed, Jongkook departs to prepare for his comeback broadcast performance the following day.

After eating, the Family welcome the homeowners’ return. Later, the Family perform their last assigned task of harvesting shiitake mushrooms in a greenhouse nursery before welcoming back the homeowners.

Highlights include Hyori and Yejin playing foul as they sabotage Jongkook, who is blamed for being in a game slump.

Choovely Family Outing – Topic Year ago. Highlights include the repeated capsizing of the boat steered by Hyori’s team and the Family members washing and cleaning each other off after the muddy play. Gombaeleong, InjeGangwon. Beyond cleaning fish and fetching supplies, Jaesuk must carry Sooro and Jongshin to the faucet as the latter wash their hands. The third sequence looks back on the episode with G-Dragon and Shin Sung-rokrevisiting the bib pants runway performance and Yejin and Jongshin struggling with their bib pants.

At the house, Jongshin seasoon more familiar with Sooro and Jaesuk and Jongshin attempt to rescue the squid stew with ramen seasoning. Please Pm or Chat me for new Challenges.

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