He meets Polina, a girl about his age, who seems to know every nook and cranny of the area. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There was one person that would walk around and look for dogs to call people in for having this certain breed of dogs. Give examples from the text. One afternoon a man came down the road and told them Nazis were coming five miles back. It is about two boys a girl and a mom that live in a house together. Finding Zasha begins with the September Siege of Leningrad.

A young teen, Ivan, faced many challenges such as his mother moving, but he overcame those challenges. This book was ok. It is realistic fiction because it contains events that could have happened. To ask other readers questions about Saving Zasha , please sign up. When the war ended, the army really did set about creating a kind of superdog called the Black Russian Terrier. Finding Zasha was split into four parts:

At this time, most of the dogs in the country have died due to disease, starvation and the war in general.

Finding Zasha (Zasha #1) by Randi Barrow

I recommend this book to people who love animals and like to learn about history because this is both of those things combined together.

How would you feel if a World War 2 just ended in Russia and on one day, a soldier that is critically injured comes to your back woods of your farm and has a German Shepherd at his sides.

I thought it was a really good book I liked the dog named zasha. After the war the Nazi officer comes back and tries to steal the mlvie back. Yet Ivan is determined to use his position to undermine the Nazis and rescue the dogs. This is an interesting young adult book, about a topic that I really wasn’t very aware of, which is the fact that almost all dogs in the Soviet Union were killed during World War II.

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One person found this helpful. I’ve expanded into adult fiction with Chasing the Beatles. Now, basically imprisoned in the makeshift Nazi headquarters, it is Ivan’s hope to discover useful information he pass on the the partisans.

I would say that this book was written very well. Rinding without ever findjng corny or compromised. Dimitri was a retired militant that had dogs hidden in his back yard because the military wants him to try to make a super dog. Once they get there, Ivan tries to convince Aunties friend to let him stay.

Finding Zasha

It was great fun to write, and I’m thrilled with the response I’m getting from readers. The genre of the story is a mix between realistic fiction and historical fict How would you feel if a World War 2 just ended in Russia and on one day, a soldier that is critically injured comes to your back woods of your farm and has a German Shepherd at his sides. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Once again, Randi Barrow has penned an outstanding title with appeal for boys and girls alike, a “historical thriller” a phrase I borrow from author Laurie Halse Anderson that will especially capture the imagination of animal lovers, students interested in history and World War II, and anyone who enjoys a good adventure novel. Ivan lives with his mother in an apartment building in the city. She is the elderly woman who lives in the apartment above them. Although the Germans had bombed their little town of Leningrad a few times, Ivan felt pretty safe from the war.

This story touched my heart. Take a journey back in time with Ivan. He had to cross a frozen over lake and risk never seeing his family ever again. I really thought it described very well how the lives of the people who lived during this time was. Ivan catches the attention of Major Axel Recht because he plays the concertina so well.

Mikhail takes the man and the dog back to her house. Still, despite their best efforts, two people suspect the family of having a dog. The setting of the story is in a small village in Russia and it occurs right after World War 2 ended.

Then one day, Ivan’s mother announces that her job is moving to the Ural Mountains for safety and she must go with it – but without Ivan. The Russian side of WWII is not one we in the west hear about a lot so a different perspective was nice. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Support answer by referencing the text.

The story has parts that have you on the edge of your seat, anxious to see what happened next. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yes, because he spoke perfect Russian, he might be able to trick someone into thinking he actually is Russian, not German.

If so, you have found your destined book. He is later forced to decide between aiding the resistance, saving himself and one puppy named Thor, or going after the lost puppy, the titular Zasha, and risk losing everything he’d worked so hard for.

But Ivan underestimates Axel’s attachment to Zasha and Thor, and soon finds himself being hunted by a ruthless soldier who will stop at nothing to get his dogs back.

Too many hearts are unwilling to forgive or accept that not every aspect of the German culture was bad. They feel the need that anything made or even touched by the Germans must be destroyed and completely forgotten about.

I recommend this book to people who have a passion in dogs and loves to learn about the Holocaust. To ask other readers questions about Saving Zashaplease sign up.

It turns out that Polina, along with Flnding and now Auntie, are working as partisans under the leadership of Petr, and along with other villagers. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it literally has been the best book I have ever read. Fining no complaints and it was way chaper than some of the new options I looked at. I didn’t movue he could be a partisan; he just wasn’t sneaky or calm enough.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 26, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: When I read how the boy treated the dogs, I could see how much love the boy had for the dogs. Finally, findibg shows how different countries were still furious with Germany even after years after the war. Author Randi Barrow’s debut novel, Saving Zasha, was one of my favorite historical fiction titles ofand was recognized with many honors.

And they ended up getting to keep Zasha and their dad came home from war on a stretcher because he got hit by a land mine.

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