Maan frees himself and races to Vikram, only to get shot in the arm and the leg. Geet yearned for the family that she believed had tried to kill her. Geet, in all of her worldly wisdom, believes him and sneaks off into the night to meet the crazy psycho who has been stalking her. And the viewers are left with a conundrum. Maan not getting his memory back was a travesty. Geet lends a helping hand to her beloved Maan. Geet is scared out of her mind, hiding in a corner of the house. Geet and Maan bring them back and welcome them into the home with open arms and many after-wedding rituals.

Thanks for your article. Additionally, I myself hate it when characters just disappear from the show and no explanation is made. Believe me, most of us were unhappy when we realized that Maan would never get his memory back. When Geet came to the city and began to work for Maan, the tone of the show changed. While Maan and Geet have a date in their room, the dead body makes its way around, with the other couples and Mama Ji shifting it from one room to another. After Maan awakens, it takes the family a while to figure out that Maan has selective amnesia. It is then that Adi arrives and tells Dev the whole truth about the takeover and how Pammi kicked Geet and Maan out.

In the end, he secretly helps her complete the file. Yet Maan has a problem performing the simplest rituals for a wife that he sees everyone else in his family loves?!

Geer she is met with twinkling lights and rose petals. Instead, we have a Maan, who seems to hate Geet for some reason this time around. And I want to know the name of the first actress who played Dadi ma. Like I said, lots of illogical steps were taken in the drama. Its not that i am watching this show and today i found out that maan never gets his memories back,i am feeling dejected…Is there something we can do to 4400 Gurmeet and Drashti back on TV?

As Geet is screaming for her Maan, Maan awakens and yells for his Geet. The plot was OK on the front, not really deep and lost its charm just half the way. sar

We lose Dadi Ma, Annie who came out of nowhere in the first place and Arjun. Soon after, Lucky shows up and asks for his room. Geet immediately goes to Vikram, and then freaks out when he dares to touch her. Additionally, I really wish that Geet would stop being such a wet blanket!

Jugnu and Geet arrive, and Geet is thinking of ways to convince Jugnu to remain silent.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi – ep 89 – Captioned | Dotsub

It made so much sense then Maan falling for her, the office environment etc. Not much different from what i had already seen in Indian shows. Gete continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The two halves of the two couples spend their time hiding from each other, from Maan and Jugnu, who is diligently searching for the truth.

Nandini asks him why it took so long for him to confess.

Do the producers kick her out of the story? Dadi Ma conveniently gets sick at the news that Geet has left, and her ill health makes Maan feel guilty enough that he goes running after Geet. As soon as she meets him, Geet insists that he follow through on his promise and go away now like he promised. But she promises him that she will expect nothing more from him unless he is willing to give her more. I am com from Martinique West IndiesI like Indian culture and I try to learn more about this country with her showsarticles p,ayer ,langage.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi – ep 89

And that too used so carelessly in a romance issue! Over the next few days, Geet takes care of Maan and Maan tries to romance Geet. Selective amnesia and all the other ridiculous emotions and diseases that is always used in Hindi shoes and kdramas often, I do not have a problem with it sar long as the show is good.

For example I can never understand how Dev went from sleeping with a woman he knew he was going to abandon to the remorseful putz we had in the rest of the drama.

He knows that there is something fishy going on, because Savitri Devi never accepted Pammi into the family fold and never allowed her into the house. Despite that, the writing was still riveting and kept me attached.

Even if you do overlook all these things most of these shows tend to heavily playet on the romance track, the other areas of the show suffer miserably. Pushed on by his fear of the old friend running off with Nandini and Dev losing her, Dev finally confesses to Nandini.

Maan refuses to believe Naintara, but when sabss walks into the room, Geet almost faints. After Maan awakens, it takes the family a while to figure out that Maan has selective amnesia. Learn how your comment data is gedt.

Geet and Maan Start a New Life

Vikram once again enters their home, while Maan, Dev, Lucky and a million servants are at home, but no one catches him. Maan frees himself and races to Vikram, only poayer get shot in the arm and the leg. Maan beats up the goons, getting injured in the process, and Geet drives them to safety once Maan passes out. I recently got attached to another Indian drama, Qubool Hai Season 2, but am regretting it because the main actor has decided to leave due to the huu storytelling.

And the scene is so over the top bad, that I can almost see Drashti rolling her eyes, even as she tries to portray her fear of this psycho.

The woman demands money from the two. Notify me of new posts via email. And yes one of the most important thing I hated in this humsafar show was the suicide committed by the second actress. Boy, if this is good and famous I do not want to imagine what other shows are like.

She says this in front of Maan, hinting to him that he is right to ignore Geet and reject her at every turn. There is ZERO comedy, the leads get separated due to petty issues due to evil scheming from the family members itself. You are commenting using your Facebook account. For him, it is stillhe never kicked Dev out of the house, and Geet never came into str life.

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