When Mark’s bullying of Luke becomes more severe, Darren decides to befriend Mark in the hope he will go easy on Luke. When she learns that Peri Lomax Ruby O’Donnell was born on the same day as her daughter and is adopted, she assumes Peri is her daughter. The character made her first appearance during the episode originally broadcast on 21 November Darren may be tempted”. The doctor tells her that they have found a shadow leaving Sienna worried. Hannah moves in with Darren”. Cindy convinces Tony to give Darren a job at a charity event at Il Gnosh. Nancy sleeps with Rick again although the next morning she has regrets.

Darren confesses to the police that he has been drug dealing and they charge him. He added that the “tried-and-tested” characters helped the show through its rough patches and that they should be given the storylines they deserved. Nancy sleeps with Rick again although the next morning she has regrets. Darren blames Nancy for their son’s premature birth and tells her he will not forgive her if their son dies. Passey opined that Sienna is not “evil”. Following a heart attack, Darren is given angina spray however Sienna takes this while Darren is on a camping trip and Nancy leaves him on his own on the trip following an argument.

Retrieved 17 March He plans to pretend he’s falling in love with her and, motivated by money, tries to make her fall in love with him”.

He felt that Darren is torn about his addiction because although he is aware of his problem he believes “his next big win is just around the corner”. Darren takes advantage of the situation and begins a relationship with Luke’s girlfriend Mandy Richardson Sarah Jayne Dunn.

Dsrren is sentenced to 6 months in prison. However they came to blows over the name and design of the company, but resolved their differences with Darren moving into the boarding house, Tony working as a taxi driver and Maxine Minniver Nikki Sanderson takes over as receptionist.

Darren’s secret is exposed”. Darren Osborne is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap operaHollyoaks. Sienna later meets Ben Bradley Ben Richards and they begin a relationship.

This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat Darren is released a few weeks later and meets old friend Luke Morgan again, who is back in the village. Sienna takes Nico for her scan but panics when she disappears.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna Blake’s very surprising return storyline is revealed

Nico stops taking her kidney transplant anti-rejection medication and needs another transplant. Lists of characters By year: Retrieved 1 January That same year, he found out that Celia Osborne Carol Noakes was not his real mother, but in fact Sandy Roscoe Gillian Taylforthwhich gave him 5 new half-brothers and thus part of the Roscoe family.

Sienna fakes going into labour and when Warren is about to take her to the hospital he discovers the message and realises Sienna is faking it so takes her back into the house. Darren goes back into the school and tearfully wishes for Jack to be okay.

Passey opined that Sienna is not “evil”. He wants to stop desperately but he may not be able to do it by himself.

Dawson added that he was “still learning” and did not take his role for granted. Storuline Darren and Mandy spend more time together their relationship “develops”.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Darren has storyllne ability of charming his way out of every situation and he can play a married woman like putty in his hands if he so wishes. Archived from the original on 21 December Darren attends Jade’s memorial at Hollyoaks High and walks in on Luke about to take a drink.

Darren Osborne

Booth left the role inbut the character was recast in with current portrayer Ashley Taylor Dawson. After Warren and Maxine discover Nico’s crimes, they force Sienna to tell the truth, and she is released from prison. While on her deathbed, she apologises to Myra and Stroyline who forgive her. When Mark’s bullying of Luke becomes more severe, Darren decides to befriend Mark in the hope he will go easy on Hollypaks.

Dawson added that it was nice to see a different side to the character.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna’s very surprising return story is revealed | Metro News

Richardson added that Dawson “makes me laugh, he does comedy really well and he does vulnerability really well”. Cindy returns in after Alistair dies and attempts to rekindle her romance with Darren but fails. Warren collapses in Sienna’s arms but he survives. Joel calls her insane and she slaps him.

The scene in which they got together was absolutely hilarious. Hachette Filipacchi UK While at Harley’s birthday party, Nico tries to hurt Harley by pushing her down the steps but Sienna stops her. Finn is arrested and Darren stands by Nancy in court, however due to the DNA tests, Nancy is forced to admit her affair and that she slept with Rick within 24 hours before the attack.

Tony catches Cindy and Darren together”. Retrieved 1 November A distrought Sienna decides to call the police but Aienna convinces her to go to Spain. Ruth Osborne Bethany Cunningham. When Darren finds out that Patrick is dying he tells Patrick that he is sticking by Maxine and that when he’s dead he’ll be dancing on his grave.

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