Cat 3 and 6 Polycrystalline or binary or complex monocrystalline products consisting of elements of groups IIIA and VA of Mendeleyev’s periodic classification table e. The purchaser and ultimate consignee may be the same entity. A tragedy leaves the agents shaken and in unfamiliar territory in the Season 3 premiere. Source code or source language. When applying this definition, follow this sequential analysis set forth below. Homeland – 05×07 – Oriole. Cat 8 An electrochemical device that converts chemical energy directly into Direct Current DC electricity by consuming fuel from an external source. The ACEP may invite Assistant Secretary-level representatives of other Government agencies or departments other than those identified above to participate in the activities of the ACEP when matters of interest to such agencies or departments are under consideration.

Examples of end items include ships, aircraft , computers, firearms, and milling machines. Cat 1 – Capable of being cross-linked or polymerized further cured by the use of heat, radiation, catalysts, etc. If a person and address is listed in Block 15 of the application, the Bureau of Industry and Security will send the license to that person instead of the applicant. Cat 1, 3, 5P1, 6, and 8 – Materials, i. Passer til Se comments. See Nuclear Suppliers Group.

See 22 CFR parts through The numbers used in supplement no.

Cat 0 means uranium containing the mixtures of isotopes occurring in nature. Homeland – 07×02 – Rebel Rebel. As applied to encryption itemsmeans a unit of a business which, whether or not separately incorporated, has:. Homeland – 06×04 – A Flash Of Light. This is a combination of parts, components, accessoriesattachmentsfirmware, or software that operate together to perform a function of, as, or for an end item or system. Cat 5 means a cryptographic algorithm using different, mathematically-related keys for encryption and decryption.

Cat 6 – Are designed to detect magnetic fields from sources external to the instrument. A corporation, partnership, limited partnership, association, company, trust, or any other kind of organization or body corporate, situated, residing, or doing business in the United States or any foreign country, including any government or agency thereof. Cat 3 – The total number of ampere-turns in the coil i. Source code or source language.

Works with all HDTV. Note 3 to paragraph b Cat 7 Systems which use various sources of previously measured geo-mapping data integrated to provide accurate navigation information under dynamic conditions. An authorization by the Bureau of Industry and Security revising the information, conditions, or riders stated on a license issued by BIS.

From A to B and Back Again.

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Recoverable commodities and software. Cat 7 – The closeness of agreement among repeated measurements of the same variable under the same operating conditions when changes in conditions or non-operating periods occur between measurements. Super High Power Laser. Cat 4 means a number of electronic components i. Note 2 to paragraph b Cat 6 – The mass of an optic per unit optical area projected onto the optical surface. Any other countermeasures equipment e.

Active flight control systems. Equipment required for a mission, such as data gathering, recording or transmitting devices for mission-specific data. Legible and legibility mean the quality of a letter or numeral that enables the observer to identify it positively and quickly to the exclusion of all other subtirles or s01e01. A license ; application for license ; any and all documents submitted in accordance with the requirements of the EAR in support of, or in relation to, a license application; application for International Import Certificate; Delivery Verification Certificate or similar evidence of delivery; Electronic Export Information EEI on the Automated Export System AES presented in connection with shipments to any country; a Dock Receipt or bill of lading issued by any carrier in connection with any export subject to the EAR and any and all documents prepared and submitted by exporters and agents pursuant to the export clearance requirements of part of the EAR ; a U.

The controlled countries are: Cat 5 – Automatic rerouting of traffic based on sensing and analysis of current actual network conditions. Fibrous or filamentary materials. Posted by admin16 on July 11, in Covert affairs.

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HI Removed – Synced and corrected by n17t01 — www. The person abroad who has entered into a transaction to purchase an item for delivery to the ultimate consignee.

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Any natural person who is not a lawful permanent resident of the United Statescitizen of the United Statesor any other protected individual as defined by 8 U. For example, ECCN 1A controls equipment and devices, specially designed to initiate charges and devices containing energetic materialsby electrical means. A mixture of hydrocarbons that existed in liquid phase in underground reservoirs, remains liquid at atmospheric pressure after passing through surface separating facilitiesand has not been processed through a crude oil distillation tower.

Cat 8 An electrochemical device that converts chemical energy directly into Direct Current DC electricity by consuming fuel from an external source. Customs Service and postmasters unless the context indicates otherwise.

Variations or modifications of the program pattern e. Subject to the EAR. Cat 6 – Are designed to detect the spatial variation of magnetic fields from sources external to the instrument. Data sources include bathymetric maps, stellar maps, gravity maps, magnetic maps or 3-D digital terrain maps. A term used in the EAR to describe those commodities, softwaretechnology e.

Passer til Se comments. Cat 8 – Half the maximum distance a submersible vehicle can cover. Appropriate acting Assistant Secretary, Deputy Assistant Secretary or equivalent strength of any agency or department may serve homelwnd lieu of the Assistant Secretary of the concerned agency or department.

HI Removed – Sync and Corrected by n17t01 — www. Cat 6 Consist of the primary scalar sensor, one or more reference sensors e. Conversely, technical data directly related to, for example, the development or production of a component subject to the ITAR does not become subject to the EAR merely because it is developed or produced with equipment subject to the EAR.

Cat 5P2 Verifying the identity of a user, process or device, often as a prerequisite to allowing access to resources in an information system.

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