Alex and Jo talk about their relationship with Meredith. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Life After The Storm by dipdab reviews A look into what everyday life might be like for Jo and Alex now that they’re together. He isn’t making it very easy for her. Moving In reviews Short fluffy Jolex oneshot. How Does It Go by jm reviews One-shot.

Baggage reviews A different take on what could have happened in the OR in episode 11×15 if Alex had stood up for himself. But when their sixteen year old daughter begins acting strangely, they never expect just how much it will truly change their lives. Jo goes into labor, and Alex fears that his child will be born before they can get out in time Grey’s Anatomy – Rated: Alex has a visitor. April lost her husband. Alex and Jo, who happens to be pregnant, are trapped in the elevator when the hospital is put on lockdown.

Pieces reviews The husband is gone If she ever wants to move on, she’ll have to face the demons of her past and summon strength she didn’t know she had.

Only Mama Knows

How Does It Go by jm reviews One-shot. What Christmas traditions will Jolex embark on this year?

T – English – Friendship – Chapters: Jo and Alex contemplate if they should start over by adopting a new baby when their other children are already teenagers. My ideas on how 11×17 should have ended between Alex, Meredith, and Jo. I love Jolex from Greys Anatomy obviously and so far have only written for them. Your Life And Mine by flawlesspeasant reviews Alex is a newly single dad, struggling to cope with raising his three-year old daughter on his own when he meets Jo, the town’s newest resident who’s struggling with a mysterious, rocky past of her own.

Can love truly conquer all? Alex Karev has the perfect life-he has plenty of money, a beautiful girlfriend, and he’s one of the best pediatricians in the country.

K – English – Romance – Chapters: Jo is hurt and Callie notices. When tragedy strikes, the two are forced to spend time together with nobody else but each other to lean on.

I Needed You reviews Jo loses a special patient and when Alex isn’t there to comfort her she realizes she deserves to be someone’s number one. How will she deal with meeting Owen again? Grey’s Anatomy – Rated: Rated T just in case. Full Cast and Crew. No More Looking Back by Jenmm31 reviews After Alex Karev put his awful family situation behind him, he set out to make a better life for himself as a surgeon.

The only family we need by thesumofmydecisions reviews Collection of short stories featuring Alex seasln Jo’s future family. Best friends April Kepner and Jo Wilson arrive in Aspen for a much needed vacation, but after crossing paths with fraternity brothers Jackson Avery and Alex Karev, their original plan unexpectedly changes.

CBGirl | FanFiction

August Richards as young Richard Webber in this episode, however she is the second actress after Sarah Paulson to play young Ellis Apeil. Behind the scenes 10B by thesumofmydecisions reviews One shots about possible offscreen scenes, filling the gaps between episodes. My ideas on how 11×17 should have ended between Alex, Meredith, and Jo. T to be safe Grey’s Anatomy – Rated: Only Mama Knows 16 Oct 8.

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As secrets unravel, it becomes clear that the world truly is a small place and the two find that it is never too soon to find jqckson again. In The End by flawlesspeasant reviews AU: Miles by thesumofmydecisions reviews May, Moving In reviews Short fluffy Jolex oneshot. T – English – Angst – Chapters: A simple phone call can change everything. This is just an attempt to look at life from Jo’s perspective before she was Jo.

Just an idea of what might have happened next. Some chapters may include other characters.

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