He finds himself now being able to control water. He used up too much power and fell unconscious. Yuri sends a letter to Sara, informing him on the capture of Beria and inviting him to The Great Demon Kingdom to get him back. It turns out that Anissina’s brother has set her up with a suitor for her to get married to. While attending a dinner party that the former Queen is holding, Wolfram insults Yuri’s mother by saying she is dirty human and Yuri reacts to the insult by slapping Wolfram across the left cheek. Yuri invites Alazon to Covenant Castle as an honored guest. But after an exhausting fight, Shori passed out and was captured by the White Crows.

Yuri helps Julia to make a decision that she knows will hurt the one she loves most dearly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A mysterious masked man with hypnotizing powers walks into King Belar’s castle unhindered leaving us with many questions yet to be answered. After the huge success of the Haruhi Suzumiya series, suddenly the number of publishers and readers interested in light novels skyrocketed, Light novels became an important part of the Japanese 2D culture in the late s. They find the sword at the bottom of the hot spring and Yuri attempts to grab it but it has a face and it bites him and so he runs away scared. El was kidnapped during the ceremony. Ulrike muses to Murata that it once caused great tragedy and she should have thrown it.

Enhlish King part 1 ” Transcription: Conrad is reading when he is summoned, he is soon informed that Big Shimaron is in contact with another Box. Meanwhile, The Ten Nobles gathered together at the castle after hearing the news of Yuri’s missing powers. When an intruder alarm is sounded, Murata discovers it was not them that had been found. Yuri wakes to find himself in Stoffel’s castle.

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However, the king announces that the special sword of his country, the one needed for them to get married, had gone missing. Yuri winds up meeting Lady Julia and comes to understand why she was loved by so many people. This leads Yuri and the others to make an escape with the help of Fanbalen, Lady Celi’s current love interest. It seems there’s unrest with the humans wanting to start a war and that Enhlish and the others did not summon Yuri this time.

The Bear Bee hatches and splits up into many pink Bear Bees which calm and kinden the dragons. Yuri learns of the Four Forbidden boxes that will bring destruction. Yuri forgives Shori for his misdeed and consoles him by telling his admiration for him to use maryoku and recover so quickly.

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Lyla, the king’s helper, takes it upon herself to show Yuri and the others around and to help them look for the forbidden box. Adalbert and his allies; who are hired by the villagers have some trouble defending the humans from the wolves.

Greta convinces Yuri and Wolfram to buy her one, but the merchants give her one piece of advice: Miko manages to get her voice and view into the fighting water powers and stops her sons. Yuri is allowed to choose how they fight the duel and so he kyl they should fight through a sumo match.

Yuri forces his way through to Soushu, who escapes the breaking barrier.

Yuri uses his power to stop the two armies from clashing. They were surprised to see Nicola and Hube and were shocked when they found out that Nicola and Hube had not had their wedding yet.

They met up with Wolfram and Adalbert and return to their hideout to plan Yuri’s escape. After seeing Shori’s failed attempts, Rodriguez attacks Conrad with magic and tries to lyo him back to the other world.

Yuri must choose between sacrificing the cocoon or exterminating the dragons to stop their rampage. It turns out that after the fight between Conrad and Hube that Yuri demanded that Vuillon return everything he swindled from the people. While Yuuri is on Earth, Stoffel is in the other world hatching a plan. Anime — Anime is Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation.

Yuri sends a letter to Sara, informing him on the capture of Beria and inviting him to The Great Demon Kingdom to get him back. Conrad tells him to throw holy water on a painting and that it will send him home. Back on Earth, Seraphine and her comrades attack Bob and flee after realizing that he is not a key. Gwendal and Yuri are sent to trial for Yuri eloping with a demon.

Murata told Yuri that they can not travel again to the other world because Shinou had disappeared. Everything has turned back to normal but anxiety hangs in the air as Yuri has not awaken. After Yuri finds out about an imposter thought to be the Demon King, Yuri plans a trip kata save the person, accompanied by Wolfram and Conrad.

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A young girl shows up claiming to be Yuri’s illegitimate child, and then tries to kill Yuri. Anda yakin ingin menghapus jawaban ini?

Even though no one thinks Yuri has any magic yet Yuri seems to transform and summons two water dragons to hold Wolfram back. Yuri awakens to the delight of everybody. However, they are attacked by Soushu’s army of dolls episoee they enter. They were planning to escape but Yuri decides to observe the meeting between Sara and the Big Shimaron messengers through a hidden room.

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