I have never had a problem before and would like to know when they will arrive please. Please do something about these people that are falsely advertising winning tickets!!! Beware of scam surveys and fake free offers. I Need this Twenty Five Thousand very ergently. Never buy from this muddled mob again. Great company Satisfied in all categories. They are of very good quality.

We heard nothing and rang Magnamail on 12th December to find out what prize my wife had won and when she would receive it. Great company Satisfied in all categories. Readers digest is the same I have bought items from Magnamail, but I am very selective with what I buy, as you get what you pay for, like many other catalogue mail-box drops. Get an answer from our members and Magnamail representatives Select a listing for your question Magnamail. It is now 13th January and still nothing has been received.

Great company Satisfied in all categories. It wont happen again I will tell you. MagnaMail cleared my PayPal account on 11 April Its not a scam its clever marketing We have bought many items from Magnamail with complete satisfaction. First off posted off the order form. So listen everyone don’t get sucked in you know the saying once bitten twice shy. View more stories from the web.

It’s a micro-wave jug with a funnel that prevents rice and pasta boiling over. When you get into it, there are dozens of things you can press.

Magnamail – $25, winner, Review | Complaints Board

Im not too sure about this magnamail rubbish!!! Alcon contact lens rebate – Keep Calling Over the years I have experienced all of the problems and Consumer reviews about Magnamail Pty Ltd. I also have their micro-wave heated hair rollers, which are a bit cheap and nasty, but do the job. These organisations are such a total ‘crock’ of lies and con. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

Lottery scams may use the names of legitimate overseas lotteries often Spanish lotteriesso that if you do some superficial research, the scam will seem real. Some examples of the real Spanish lotteries that the scammers falsely use are Loteria Primitiva and El Gordo. Please do something about these people that are falsely advertising winning tickets!!!

Beware of fake lottery and competition ‘wins’ on social networking platforms. The form urging another order would be part of a separate offer, Ms Sandler said.

To Magnamail Thanks you give the Well when it arrived I got a tin ring that you might get in a Xmas cracker. Yuda Electronic Technology Co.

Let them go bankrupt!!! It is now 13th January and still nothing has been received. Order not received but cheque cashed Ordered in good faith from their catalogue.

Australia, New South Wales

It is rare to lte money sent this way. So hard to escape. Australia, New South Wales. My family subscribes to the Australian Women’s Weekly, and a few catalogues came with the magazines- including the Magnamail catalogue. So be wary and now feel even sillier as better alarm temp clocks for less at Kogan’s and they are organized always deliver.

It will probably be the costume jewellery, but its FREE whos complaining? I ignored the ‘prize’ offer for what it obviously was – a sales promotion. I received my credit card statement today and you have charged me 3 times for this product!!! That is if I dont recieve the 25, dollar. Received a flyer in my parcel of goods today. Magnamail magnaamail auditors overseeing the competitions and major winners were published in newspapers both in Australia and New Zealand.

Your password has been sent to magnamaill specified email address. After Mrs Roberts told them she had sent a third scan order with track and trace on February 19, Magnamail confirmed payment in March.

I bought a camera from Hong Kong and recieved it in five days, the week before Christmas. Four months later the Roberts are still waiting on most of their order and say the company lost payments and did not send them any of the prizes they were promised.

A prompt reply would be very much appreciated or is this a scam. Initially, Ptj denied that she had won a prize but when we challenged them about the letter stating that she was a confirmed prize winner, they said that she would receive a prize in ’14 to 21 days’. Do not make the same mistake. Well when it arrived I got a tin ring that you might get in a Xmas cracker. This product is poor quality and unusable.

Camp Australia Out of school hours care – Thieves, imprudent. You may also be wwtch to provide personal details to prove that you are the correct winner and to give your bank account details so the prize can be sent to you. We do not need competitions which do not magnamajl, in order to make our purchases. So as a laugh we got some gas bottle reader

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