The word’s first recorded attestation in a European language was a text by Ludovico di Varthema in Italian in , as manga; the first recorded occurrences in languages such as French and post-classical Latin appear to be translations from this Italian text. Fixed-line telephones Fixed-line subscriptions declined from a peak of 5. The university is located at Nazimabad, Karachi. It was the world’s most popular silver-sand beach and health resort during 20th century but in it was affected by an oil spill. Taxonomy The taxon was formally described by Carl Jakob Sundevall in Dudipat Lake is enclosed with high peaks. In Balakot, one may find buses and other transports to reach Naran and the valley. Ripe mangoes are also used to make curries.

As part of these plans, the Port Fountain was constructed at the base of the northern island. The coat is of a grizzled, light brown to black colour, and is smooth and short in summer, while growing longer and thicker in winter. However, the Olympics in Montreal had seen the introduction of artificial turf to international hockey competition. The ruins of Taxila contain buildings and Buddhist stupas located over a large area. While other Mangifera species e. The Central Library is well stocked with books, journals and related materials and 31, online research journals. B degree was also added in Conservation status The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources has classified the markhor as an endangered species, meaning it is in danger of facing extinction in the near future if conservation efforts are not maintained.

Each processor has processor cores 30, processor coresQDR InfiniBand interconnection and The crude oils are often yellowish or darker in colour. Jokhio, Jokhia or Jokhiya are said to be the descendant of the Samma tribe. The brothers told TIME magazine they had written it to protect their medical software from piracy, and it was supposed to target copyright infringers only. Front Node and the Compute Nodes are connected to each other using this switch. InPervez Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz began to forcefully push Suparco to pursue and deliver an active space programme.

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Recently, Pakistan has achieved another significant achievement in e;isode of mangoes sector. Inner wood is distilled into essential oil. There are also good opportunities for those interested in more leisurely day trips, hill walking or nature study walks. Suparco failed to impress the government of its capabilities, and the griendskorner of the Shaheen expandable programme was handed over to NDC bureau as its executive authority.

The Mausoleum building was designed by Yahya Merchant. Mugger crocodiles can achieve speed of around 8 mph over a short distance in pursuit of prey.

These six slabs are covered by a second sarcophagus consisting of six more vertical friendsiorner similar but in size giving the grave a pyramid shape.

The University has now been linked to International Network for Scientific Publications INASPproviding access to over 11, peer-reviewed full text online international academic journals and more friendskprner 20, abstracts from some of the world’s top publishing houses. Cuisine Mangoes are widely used in cuisine. Cedar oil is often used for its aromatic properties, especially in aromatherapy.

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InSuparco launched an ambition project to developed country’s first Geo-stationary satellite; the new project was known as Paksat-1Replacement. Through a focus on the technological development of information technology, the government aims to increase productivity in the public sector, improve the standards of IT infrastructure in the country and use it as a management tool for the promotion of good governance in general. The entire Clifton beach, and the area now covered under the park.

In Pakistan’s coastal regions of the Makran and delta marshlands of Sindh, it is known as the Indus Crocodile, although they do exist in parts of Bangladesh, and parts of Nepal and Iran. Enrico Toccacelo drove in South Africa for Team Pakistan as the team has already spent much time preparing for the race, also the management wished to not disappoint the Pakistani fans.

The survey found that in Pakistan the mobile sector was most active, followed by broadband; while the fixed-line sector remained somewhat static. Generally, a student entered Takshashila at the age of sixteen. In Israel and Jordan it is found at low altitudes, starting at metres below sea level in the Dead Sea area, whereas in the more eastern areas it is mainly found at an altitude of to m except in Pakistan, where it occurs at m.

Electrical Engineering class was started in November, This has now fully graduated into the email, Internet and IT culture perse. History Creation The independent research in space sciences and aeronautical development was insued mea goaded by the senior physicists at the Department of Physics of the Punjab University, infollowing the successful launch of Soviet Union’s first friendskornwr satellite, the Sputnik 1 However, due to the political instability, the serious initiatives to established the programme was not undertaken by the Government of Pakistan.

Overall, it has the 15th largest population of internet users in the world. During the most of the s era, the technological import in supercomputers were denied to Pakistan, as well as India, due to an arms embargo placed on, as the foreign powers feared that the imports and enhancement to the supercomputing development was a dual use of technology and could be used for developing nuclear weapons.

Accordingly, a College of Agriculture was established in The list of subjects taught at Takshashila underwent many additions over the years, with even Greek being taught there after the Alexandrian conquests.

Pakistani drama television series – Wikipedia en. The column of water can be seen from several miles at sea. Ina communication satellite project called Paksat was initiated, with the establishment of the meter diameter satellite ground station for interception of satellite transmissions.

Further, the documentary part of the book includes a list of dated stonemasonry patterns on Chaukhandi tombs. Adventure Foundation Pakistan offers basic and advanced training courses in river running during October and April. Subscriber base The mobile telecommunications sector is seeing very large year-to-year growth in Pakistan. Other fruits were also pickled and came to be called “mangoes”, especially bell peppers, and by the 18th century, the word “mango” became a verb meaning “to pickle.

SMS Pakistanis collectively sent over billion text messages during the year The mugger is the only crocodilian found in Iran and Pakistan. Jasminum officinale is so ancient merz cultivation that its country of origin, though somewhere in Central Asia, is not certain.

History The Eposode of the Punjab came into existence as a result of a long drawn struggle of the people of Mra after the Indian Mutiny in Jinnah University for Women, Karachi. Every country is laced with own national juice though the citizen whether prefer to drink or not but there happens to be a national juice of each country in the world. Weight in adults is variable, since a large male can be much more heavily built than a small adult female, and can range commonly from 40 to kg 88 to lb.

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As a respected research and reaching institution, it is committed to intellectual leadership, and to excellence in both developing knowledge and conveying that knowledge to its students. The Barbary partridge Alectoris barbara has a reddish brown rather than black collar with a grey throat and face with a chestnut crown. The new satellite took over the mra satellites of the country in orbit.

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