Calabash used to draw water, kibuyu, vibuyu. On their feet they carry wooden clogs held by a button msuruake grasped between the toes. Bunch of nuts, tawi la mnazi. Ugala, the country of the “Wagala. CuKtard apple, topetope, mstofole, konokono, matomoko. Black dollars, reale ya Sbam.

Swahili, like all languages of the same family, is very rich in Verbs, and poor in Adjectives and Prepo- sitions. Waziri, a vizir ; mawaziri, vizirs. Crutch for oars, kilete, pi. Utani, the helonging to a Tcindred race. Zari Azungumaza sabubu ya kumuacha Diamond. The reason is that Swahili has five vowels, Arabic only three, and of Swahili consonants the Arabic supplies no means of writing cji, g, p, or v, nor can consecutive consonants be written without shocking Arabic notions of propriety. I think those who try to settle the alphabets of new languages are too apt to forget how essential simplicity is to a really good alphabet. A half-burnt piece of firewood, kinga, pi.

Cubit from the tip of the middle finger to the point of the elbowthiraa, mkono, pi. Cow, Dg’ombe mke, pi.

The third is part of a Swahili tale, with all the prefixes separated and the grammatical forms explained, in- tended as a guide and introduction to the art of reading, and through that of writing the language. The shell, kifuii, pi, vifuu, ki- fufu M.

Ch, a very common sound, representing what is sometimes a t and sometimes Tci — in other dialects. Arab from Sheher, Mshibiri, pi.

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Ear of corn, Buke, pi. A vesicular eruption of Hhe skin. Babu Seya asamehewa na Rais Magufuli, Sasa yuko huru.

The Substan- tive wUl therefore be first considered, and next the Adjective, which very closely resembles it. Beak, mdomo wa ndege. The third and fourth are.

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Rafiki yake Patrick aliyemuombea kabla hajafariki asimulia haya. None of these classes denote sex in any way. It generally happens that the sounds of a language, though not identical with those of another, correspond with them sufficiently to make the corresponding letters appro- priate symbols. Dagaa, very small, small fry. Lampstand, a piece of wood with two flat pieces projecting namtakka right angles on which the lamp is placed, mwango, pi. Bunch of nuts, tawi la mnazi. The corrections of the text were few and unimportant, and though the Lists of Words might have been largely added to, he seems to have preferred leaving them as they were, in view of nxmtaka strictly practical purpose of the whole book.

Dalia, a yellow composition, Yasi, a yellow powder from India, Liwa, a fragrant wood from Madagascar. Mourning griefmsiba. They make their plural by changing TJ- into Ny- before a vowel, or N- before a wanguu. Fellow-servant, mjoli, pi, wajoli. Some Swahili are very ready at understanding and speaking this enigmatical dialect. I soon after procured cojpies of the manuscript voca- bularies collected by Mr.

Egypt, Misri, Masri, Massara. The Vowels are to be pronounced as in Italian, the Consonants as in English. Ropes passing through namtakka pulley of the halyards, jarari.

A loin cloth with a coloured border, kilioi, pi. An earthen dish to hake cakes on, wava. A pot lid, mkimgTi wa kufunikia, Tliree stones to set a pot on over the.

Cipher figure of noughtsifuru, zifuri. Kumbe Ebitoke Kumtaka Benpol ilikuwa ni kiki??? Mahakama ya Kisutu imemuachia huru Yusuf Manji. Cord, ugwe, ukambaa M. Bullet, poopoo, risasi ya bunduki. Even then there will remain many dialectic variations, and many old and poetical words and inflections, so that for many years one who loves such studies might find employment in this one language. Knowledge, maarifa, elimu, hekima. The iron is called kekee ; the xoood it is fixed in, msukano ; the handle in which it tarns, wanyu ; and the how, uta.

Inside of he fingers, kikofi, pi. Divine service, ibada ya Muungu. S and sh are commonly used for one another indiscriminately. Before a and e the u becomes a consonant, and the prefix appears as mw.

Ndizi, a banana ; ndizi, banauag. Some prefer to write this sound gn- as it resembles the sound given by Germans and others to those letters when they occur as initial letters in Greek. Under the arm, kwapani. Bark of a tree, gome hardganda soft. Sleeping mat, mkeka, 2Jl. All day, mchana kutwa. Alikiba – Mwana Official Music Video.

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