When Da-jung decides to tell Yul about the idea that evening, she overhears voices from inside the study. As for the PM, I would like to see the story ends with Da-jung dead, then he will grow old, lonely, full of regret. Next week had better provide some good answers. BTW, him being a busy man does not justify her actions! I feel that way towards her character.. She definitely loves them. Though next week seems to be problematic, i am sure they will find a way to end it well. In her efforts to get what she wants, she doesn’t care what collateral damage she causes.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Keep up the good work writers and subbers. But its different with him in this character, cause of the revenge ruse thingy. People don’t want the truth. Great Teacher Onizuka Taiwan – Upcoming. Lee Bum Soo singing!!!

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They needed to be pulled apart so they could be put back together rightly. It is frustrating to watch Kwon Yul doing the pushing pulling thing since forever.

I told them “that girl’s husband just got stabbed before class and I have to wait a week to find out that happens next. Thanks for the recap. Must say, I wouldn’t mind seeing the drama take that character on a nice long trip to noble-idiot-land. He even told In Ho if Da Jung’s father isn’t so sick he wouldn’t have approved of the wedding. Pirme finally finds his hyung…. And, yes, I thought the song he sang was either a breakup song or a song foreshadowing someone’s death.

Da-jung panics, but they both sit down to fix the dolls before the morning, and it cracks me up that Yul is the better sewer between them.

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For whatever reason, that made him afraid and may be that’s why he was running away in that car, which resulted in the accident? Mekemeke Full vol 11 yg terakhir gak masuk: Maybe Im just so pprime the story. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Good thing I am fairly good in math, or else my lectures would cover only Korean Dramas. I wish they stayed longer in the club. She points out that the reason why he sent Da-jung away in the first place was to protect her from Joon-ki. I love how both sides idnowebster this family act as ministsr for this couple. Full Site Compilation You also need to have Ajd enabled in your browser.

Though next week seems to be problematic, i am sure they will find a way to end it well. All the stuff done to keep the OTP apart feels silly and although momentarily successful I thought you meant you don’t like him for how he is written.

I sometimes just want to beat Kwon Yul on the head and just tell her you like her! He packs in the rest for her.

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And Mense is sooo adorable. He turns back to call out to her again, and she asks if he has something to say.

Minisrer cant wait for Yul to finally admit to Dajung that he loves her and needs her in his life. The look on Woo-ri’s face when he received the money from grandpa was sort of confused to sort of guilty perhaps? You mean the one indowebsterr trying to get you two together? It seems Yul has already decided to keep Da-jung here, and Hye-joo bitterly remarks that he may as well make it official and register the marriage.

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Last edited by a moderator: Yul and Da-jung arrive at the restaurant and Da-jung happily skips ahead, saying that no one will recognize him in his tweed jacket. I love that the kids loves Da-Joong. That club scene was sooooo out epispde the box kind Heewhich is when Hye-joo arrives with groceries in hand.

Her tiny apartment was really clean and organized, I wonder why she changed being messy after she moved into the mansion. The last thing I want in a drama is an in-your-face advertisement written into the script.

He does his best to keep his voice light, asking prume why he confessed his epispde when they could have just remained friends. They’ve used the fantasy sequence as preview before in this show and I’m very suspicious.

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