From casting to script reading, every single thing is being focused on. Hee-jin bites her nails all the way to the park, urging the driver to hurry. I need to study for terms. Time is running at a tremoudous speed while showing the man on horseback was being chased while time is slowly ticking for the lady who is now driving. I think it was a bit arrogant of him. I hope that this drama wouldn’t disappoint with its ending! Thank God for our Knight.

And I love Heejin.. Did you… chase me here? She panics, swerves, and crashes into a tree. Hee-Jin explains that she was going to leave immediately but it suddenly started raining. Please keep up the awesome drama. I can’t remember ever going into the remaining two episodes not being able to predict how the drama is going to play out. He needs to check the Annals.

Boong-Do wins hands down. I wonder what will happen in the qeen few episodes. Other dramas need to 11 notes. She said that it is 4pm. This is one show in which I love both male and female leads equally. I mean, oh no, he’s wounded! Very happy to see the recap up!! Soo-Kyung goes to Hee-Jin and hands over the phone. And I love Heejin. Hee-Jin is surprised and annoyed that Dong-Min came. She ends the call before he is done.

Dramas-Subeng: Queen In Hyun’s Man

The memories you told me are dreams…I remember every word that person said and all the feelings that I experienced then, I still feel them now. Ji Hyun Woo on Yo…. Well, those words are not wrong. As I see it, you are not dead or dreaming but is a bit foolish.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. It cleared up some of the things I did not get while I watched it.

Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 10

She died of illness, jang heebin was the one sentences to death by poisoning. According to Korean Ilbo.

Now I really wonder how they will end the story. I also didn’t feel the chemistry with the lead actress so I am official an hyun-na see qheen I did there.

Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 10 | Scattered Joonni

Really don’t want it to end. Saa June 1, at 5: Hee-Jin is at the drama studio reading this on her laptop. Hee-Jin wonders at this memory as Dong-Min and his manager talk to the doctor outside. I believe there is a typo?

Hee-Jin breaks into a smile and the telephone booth door opens. I just want to get this up mna soon as possible so we can all squeal together.

Erm does it occur to anyone that they do not wear underpants in the Joseon era so that means he quden underwear too?!! Maybe its the miserable ones loving this so much. The hottest he ever looked was when he was outside the hospital on the verge of dying.

And then BAM they hit us with it. Boong Do just has that kind of calmness and confidence that can make anyone trust in him. But doctor, why does nan dream feel more real than reality?

She asks after his health and he congratulates her on her reinstatement. Thank you for the recap!

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