Kindness and gracious behavior towards a stranger in town. Taxis are on the upper deck waiting to take people home with their purchases. Here are some photos I took around Taganga yesterday: Had only looked online for a place to stay. There is bus service from Piedecuesta to the main entrance. This place has a tiny restaurant.

I have reason to suspect that there are affiliate operations of The Galaxy. Some fruiting sea grapes. This is a bit confusing because Cartagena is about km West from where the Rio Magdalena enters the Caribbean sea, where is now situated the city of Barranquilla. A solid line of traffic was the norm on our journey. Was passed by many younger folks along the route. This being Semana Santa Holy week , Cartagena is loaded with tourists. A hundred vendors, or more sell everything: There were several taxis waiting.

Bucamaranga is surprisingly beautiful, clean, and quietly bustling. My 5 hour journey took 8 hours. He has been on many dives in the area during his six week stay. Located the right bus back to Buca and my hostel. I did as suggested. Mompoj is the Native indigenous phonetic version. It is a half an hour ride from point to point.

We saw another sign that veered off to the left… 6km to Montifiori. Simon Bolivar had had enough of South American politics and was intending to sail to Europe where he hoped to stay. Mompos is another Spanish version.

He explained that the address I had showed him was very far away. Taganga beach and harbor Easter sunset Colombia has a Pacific coast and a Caribbean coast.

Organized my gear, reviewed the maps and literature of the town in the hostel and went outside to experience this part of town. Rode the bike right into the canoe on an 8 inch wide plank, one end on the beach and the other on an old tire. Was shown to my dorm room within five minutes of arrival. Medellin is the city where my flight arrived in S. He wrote a constitution for Gran Colombia.

Then, if you begin to swim towards them hoping to touch, with a few powerful flips of their tail they are gone.

This was attached to the inside of the door to my room. My hat nearly blew off even though I had it tethered with the attached cord under my chin. The following day, after having studied the map and having familiarized myself with Taganga, I got a ride aboard the only boat departing Taganga harbor to Cabo San Juan, the only official marine entrance to the park.

Jesus went on to describe parts of his life as a teen.

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I was close to the end of the trail. He insisted that he was Basque. I remember asking him to describe to me what part of Spain he came from. I know, i know… I can hear the questions from here. Freshened up a bit and layed out my gear before returning to the registration desk. The man obviously wished to offer his birds a taste of their Natural environment. I watched how different people reacted. My experience proved otherwise. Please note how hospitable some people can be to a complete stranger.

I was the only person exiting the bus to go to the park. Only two spaces left. Decree of War to the Death. East of Cartagena is Baranquilla, and Santa Marta.

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I had no reservations. Arrived Bucamaranga about 9PM. I have reason to suspect that there are affiliate operations of The Galaxy. The reason being, is that it is protected from the ocean by a natural rock reef forming a relatively calm harbor.

From there had to locate the correct bus back to Bucamaranga. There is a picture of a spiral galaxy featured at the top of the paper.

Cartagena was a major slave port. The cartels conducted open warfare on the streets. Stripped off my duds and enjoyed the luxury of a cool shower. He had been to Taiwan and mainland China.

Turns out he was from Connecticut but had traveled extensively for an number of years, much of it solo.

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