Togashi Gengi volunteers to take Momotaro’s place in the Oil Bath of Hell to appease them and suffers a great deal. As he falls a Rising Dragon Wind catches him an updraft, carrying him back up towards Hien, where in a final effort Togashi attacks Hien and they both fall to their deaths. Momotaro stops the First Years from taking immediate revenge as it is against school rules to lift a hand against a more senior student. Retrieved August 2, He fights on, but succumbs to the stab wounds and the poison. Summons from Tendo Shrine. Otokojuku is a private school for juvenile delinquents that were previously expelled from normal schools. He must prevent a tray of sulphuric acid suspended above his head from falling while being attacked.

He does this in return for Momotaro’s help earlier. Toramaru was heavily wounded, but burning with rage, Date defeated Rasetsu. J fells Momotaro with a super fast punch which Momotaro doesn’t see. Following the match, the Americans and Japanese share a bond of friendship, and J decides to stay at the Otokojuku. In the first contact Manjimaru breaks J’s left fist. Toramaru and Gekkou prepare to fight on a melting pinnacle of ice and avoid falling to sharp stalagmites below. As he falls a Rising Dragon Wind catches him an updraft, carrying him back up towards Hien, where in a final effort Togashi attacks Hien and they both fall to their deaths. The Blazing Slab of Ice.

魁!!男塾 第25話 Sakigake!! Otokojuku Episode 25

Only Togashi and Tazawa make it there, but are also captured, and get to sample punishment by the Otokojuku Spirit Discipline Rod. When Date tries to finish Momotaro, he breaks free and they both end up clinging to the burning ropes.

J realises that he’s fighting for them all and removes his knuckle Duster and strikes with his faster Flash Piston Punch. The Willpower’s True Identity!!

The High Priest Of Gandhara!! Unfortunately Momotaro is unpracticed in the technique and is not really blind and takes a beating. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat What is on the Sacred Mt.

They hold chains which determine the fighting pairs and the fighting order: Rather than switch out with Togashi, Hien stays on the wooden bridge and confronts Senku. They meet Upperclassman Akashi who congratulates Momotaro on his success in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight contest and says his time at Otokojuku will refine his manhood. The group’s leader Gokukoji Genzo, sends his son, Hidemaro to seek vengeance on the school and Momotaro. Song Of The Soul. It is Hien and his Birdman Fist vs Dokugantetsu and his spinning blade disc.

Then Momotaro and the others arrive and rescue them both. Principal Edajima’s strategy worked.

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The fight commences, with Momotaro’s sword against Date’s flexible spear. Principal Edajima decides to rescue them himself. In the final scene the whole school honours them, including Principal Edajima. The Seven-Years Revenge Match!! Enter Ryouzanpaku’s Main Army!! Just as Momotaro’s punishment is finished, the Pure Evil Group attacks the school. In a final assault, Momotaro cuts Date, and they fall into the Lake of Red Acid which emits noxious fumes.

The Guardian Of The Sky!! After the anime was ended, a two-part audio drama tape was sold, covering the Tenchou Gorin Arc.

All of the students recover because instead of poison, Oni-Hige sajigake given them anaesthetic. The Principal decides to use the fight as an opportunity to stage a public contest on Ganryu Island.

The Otokojuku First Years manage to launch the kite with Hidemaro on board who yells encouragement to J.

Togashi tells the First Years that three years earlier, his brother was killed by Daigouin Jaki six months after enrolling at Otokojuku, and that he otokojhku at the school to take revenge. Annihilation Of Meiou Island!!

魁!!男塾 第26話 Sakigake!! Otokojuku Episode 26

The Treasure Of Olympus!! The Two Secret Ougi!! Gekkou’s body eakigake up and reveals Raging Tattoos which turn his body into the hardness of steel. Togashi Gengi volunteers to take Momotaro’s place in the Oil Bath of Hell to appease them and suffers a great deal. Enter The Leader Of Rouroukan!! Tazawa and Matsuo are the last of the human bridge to climb to safety, but cannot hold on so they let go to fall to their deaths rather than take anyone with them.

They begin with the Burning Rod Ritual epsode the scene is set for the battle at 2am in 3 days time. The Order Of Death. Meanwhile, the students are punished by having to hold a episods position for an hour. At four locations on the way, one representative from each team will be unshackled to fight to the death. He then reveals that he has 10 kg of dynamite strapped to his body, turning himself into a human bomb.

Fuji with the four representatives wearing traditional white uniforms.

He trained his students to play an active role in politics, economics and industries in Japan and all over the world, though the way of training is highly anachronistic.

He descends carrying Raiden with him and attributes the win not to himself, but to all the First Years. An animated movie was released on July 23, The Persistent Manly Soul. When they laugh at him, he orders his students to beat them into submission.

For punishment Togashi must do the Boulder Bunny Hop. Momo, Tomo no Namida o Seotte Hashire!! The Blood Mark Vow “J”.

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Momotaro then blindfolds himself to episodde his Mind’s Eye to fight. Hien battles valiantly, and risks everything in a final attack in which he is fatally wounded, but also inflicts a heavy wound on Senku, giving Togashi an advantage.

Otokojuku Cover of the first volume of Sakigake!!

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