It was believed that the isolation would make their ideas fresh and original. Livin’ Large Hot Date Soundtrack. Wade is seen in a potential promotional poster as the “funny sidekick”; he also appears in another poster for a romance-themed pitch , along with Tovar. Sam, Dutchmiller, and Catherine argue over marketing techniques and stunts to use at the movie premiere. They recall various reasons for Nikki’s death — such as electrocution, drowning in the pool, and drowning in the cement — until they remember that had not actually seen it: It is a spoof on the show Alias.

Chalmers briefly discuss the idea of coming together to figure out what is going on. When she awoke, she couldn’t remember anything. A goup of diverse individuals find themselves in a neighborhood and attempt to regain their memories while having unique and comical interactions with each other. Dutchmiller and Catherine announce that Sam will star in a reality show in which he will live with the focus group for the next six months. The goal was surpassed and a second season was produced as promised. He initially gives everyone 24 hours to make their decision, but soon drops it to 24 minutes and then 24 seconds. Griggs manages to get rid of the studio audience by insulting them, but regrets it and starts to take it back by saying that the Voice itself is worse than them.

Chalmers agrees with Sam, but only because he thought that they needed names to indicate which one they wanted to eat in case of an emergency, since they cannot say, “I want to eat Anonymous. Fhe gets cuts off by the final Lost title parody. Animation for The Strangerhood is recorded on three separate computers.

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For unfounded reasons, Dr. They had been playing Marco Polo, and both had their eyes closed.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: One morning in the near future, a group of assorted stereotypes awake in a strange town with no memory of who they are or where they came from. Sam wakes up on his couch in his apartment, thinking that his experiences were merely a dream, though he is still unsure.

Crunch Time Day 5 Gen: The man believes his name is Sam, since it is written all over his underwear. Chalmers says “He can’t watch you forever When he finally confronts the stalker, he is told to do something that may shock the others and sever their ties with him, which he reluctantly agrees to. Start your free trial. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Sam wins a bet against Catherine who thought Griggs was guilty.

An old black man sits at his couch contemplating who he is and why he is in a house that is not his. The Strangerhood is the second machinima series of four from Rooster Teeth Productions.

Episode 3 – A Ray of Hope – The Strangerhood – Rooster Teeth

Although the eight residents have lost their memories and are unaware of the date, The Omnipotent Voice tells them in this episode that it is the holiday season, and orders them to celebrate the twenty days of Christmanukkahcombining the twelve days of Christmas with the eight of Hanukkah. It is also suggested that the gnome or gnomes have written a letter in his name, though his name on the note that Strangernood receives is misspelled.

Each person, except Sam and Wade, finds notes telling him or her to go to the house that Wade and Sam are inhabiting. This results in run-ins with Sam, Tovar and Chalmers, all of whom object to Wade’s arrogant voice-over comments about them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There aren’t many revelations within this, aside from the fact that Catherine, on her comeback appearance since Episode 7, walks in and informs Dutchmiller that she is pregnant.

They believed they might have been able to create a new type of entertainment program, based on their actions and conversations. A foreign man with a mustache strangerjood contemplating what he forgot to do as we see the strangerrhood catching fire behind him he remembers that it is garbage day.

Nikki takes the group to the secret room. There is another one shaped like a “laser dog”, spoofing the epislde in the Strangerhood Studios shorts.

Lines are used that best match the mouth movements and gestures of the characters. Chalmers believes that this is a good idea, while Sam does not.

Strangerhood episode 3

Just as the time machine is ready, Catherine and Tobar appear to stop them. Only Sam, Dutchmiller, and Catherine from the original cast have recurring roles. Griggs manages to get rid of the studio audience by insulting them, but regrets it and starts to take it back by saying that the Voice itself is worse than them. Dutchmiller and Catherine suggest getting tattoos and burning bras.

Wade asks Sam and Chalmers to commit some crimes so that he eepisode solve them. War for Cybertron Trilogy. Add the first question. A music video commemorating Nikki’s short time in the series. She then explains that she tried to race back home but was then knocked unconscious, explaining why everyone thought she was dead.

What had started as a simple game of UNO! As Griggs struggles to make a decision, a devil version of himself appears on his right shoulder and tempts him to simply punch anyone who threatens him. Unable to trust Dutch any longer, she breaks up with him.

Sam refuses to play the game, claiming that he had been cheated last time because Chalmers had said stramgerhood jaywalking was not a crime. Dutchmiller is a yuppie stereotype, enthusiastic about everything alternative. The episode begins with a suggestion that the garden gnome s may have framed Griggs, or directed him to murder Nikki and then erased his memory. He explains to them that by entering the lab, they have sent off a chain reaction that threatens to release the most terrifying event sfrangerhood world has ever seen.

Catherine is a stereotypical dumb blondewho uses other people to her own ends. It’s like a gust of wind on a hot summer day.

The Strangerhood

He explains that years ago the entertainment industry ran out of ideas. The group offers suggestions for various anachronistic elements, such as lasers and spaceships. Nikki is mentioned in a phone conversation. Griggs is a stereotypical “tough guy” with camouflage facepaint and a highly aggressive attitude, and is Nikki’s biological father in the present time.

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