Both of them are naked, but Sonja appears to be wearing jeans visible on the left side of the screen. Rise of the Lycans: Official Facebook Official Site. Rise of the Lycans Agatha Hofmanova as Nordic Child 2. All the vamps look like fashion models whilst the lycans look like a bunch of hobos or eastern European gypsies, still.

Because they’re basically the same film. Yes we know it will do the same thing all over again but come on, at least look good doing it yeah. But more importantly the whole movie is just so boring looking. If it holds up, this will be what I use for the next week or so as the appointment to have it fixed was made for next Friday. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. So he’s Selene’s toughest challenge to date until her next toughest challenge to date.


The movie, quite openly, admits that it is not worth your time. It hasn’t changed, in the slightest, since then.

Things don’t really improve from that point either. Audible Download Audio Books. Weekend Box Office Results: And of course the big question for both is how they have managed to keep going??

Sara Arnsteinova as Vampire Cadet 2.

Underworld: Blood Wars

There is not a single scene or shot that looks interesting, cool or has a nice traditional gothic vibe about it. I was an elite soldier in the vampire army.

Jan 9, Rating: The vamps looked onlind elves from a certain fantasy novel, they all used basic weaponry no guns. Rhona Mitra makes for a hot vampire, and Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen return to chew up some nice scenery. Funny thing about that is that we were informed by our provider that their people came to perform some improvements that, apparently, left us without service and a few other people ubderworld well.

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Flash forward through several sequels too many and we still have Kate Advice — go see the first one all over again. Alice must now make it out of the city before a mucilage bomb is dropped on the city.

Neither here nor there, I suppose. Nov 6, Rating: In this inderworld we get little of Romeo and Juliet and a mayyarul of Spartacus. Semira surfaces as the one potential source of campy fun in the film, but she’s quickly ground down by the story machinations, and the fight scenes are so choppily edited that they barely register at all.

Rise of the Lycans 6. The lycans and vampire are at war, STILL, and now they, they being both vampires and lycans, need Selene’s daughter’s blood a daughter that Selene gave up at the end of the previous film in order to stop the war. I for one liked neither.

One of the worse scripts in recent memory, so bad it verily fails the late Roger Ebert’s “20 minute test” if a film fails to hook up in the first 20 minutes, leave the theatre. Blood Warsand More. It’s like they got shot with, instead of bullets, baby’s farts.

While the film may justify its title in terms undersorld the viscera on display, it is badly in need of a funny bone. Picking up directly from the previous film, vampire warrior Selene and the half werewolf Michael hunt for clues to reveal the history of their races and the war between them. View All Critic Reviews What is the significance of Sonja’s jagyarul Jan 10, Rating: I knew very well how it would look, feel and play out.

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Connections Edited into Hollywood Express: Regardless, I just wish it would end. This movie, quite frankly, is a disaster. This movie, on the other hand, doesn’t have an inch of comedy in its blood, it seems that the vampires sucked all the sense of humor that it never had out of this franchise’s carcass.

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