While watching the movie you will go from laughter to sadness and emotions. I’m glad this film was made and urge everyone to watch it. The movie also features a few highly intelligent songs, written by Tania Saleh. Many, like yours truly, felt the issue was overdone. I laughed and I cried! The cemetery is full of the bodies of the village’s youth and tended by the weeping women who’s hopes and dreams for the future are prematurely ended by the deaths of their sons. Sign in to vote. Where do we go now?

And it is then that the few women of the village start to devise plots to keep the men busy, entertained and get their minds off being violent. Nadine Labaki’s feminist comic-drama tells us that women occupy a position of power that is less evident but not less powerful. The movie plays with you like a ping pong ball. March 27, at 9: I avoided reading any reviews before drafting mine in order not to be influenced by any thoughts. There is no doubt that Nadine Labake has surely been one of the pillars of globalizing Lebanese cinema, and that is a very good thing- the world now knows more or less that there is a country called Lebanon and it has tiny little filmmakers in it Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This has much more light hearted nature than those films.

A lovely, heart warming film. The cinematography is great, really showing the town as it is, and placing you very much in the middle of the fhll. Layale loves Rabih but Rabih is married. The Lebanese culture, the powerful women, the beauty of diversity, such a great creativity and the actors are people you may meet next door. It makes you wanna complete it till the very end.

This village is also a religiously divided community where the Church and the Mosque movif only a house apart. The backdrop of the movie is the Christian-Muslim conflict plaguing the region at large, and its effect on the mixed population of the village dwellers. Nisrine is Muslim and her forthcoming marriage poses a problem; she is no longer a virgin.

With all the women converted pretendingthey all move to bury nessimand suddenly they realize where should he be buriedwhich side?. They speak the same language, enjoy the same TV shows, they share broadly the same culture, only their religion divides them.

However, a stream of Lebanese movies has been finding its way hallx2 our theaters. I guess the question is raised whether we will ever learn but hopefully this film could help us understand. You find yourself hopeful again when the rest of the women stop mourning and pursue their plan of keeping those kids men from killing each other.

The director sites the film in an extraordinarily remote small vull in strife torn Lebanon, I believe, to emphasize that these villagers are on their own with little outside influence to taint the purity of their own sectarian hallx2 there are no outsiders to stir the pot, so to speak. The movie also features a few highly intelligent songs, written by Tania Saleh. I believe that this is critical to the film’s blossoming ha,la2 that the isolation reinforces the purity of the sequence of the unfolding events.

It starts off in an almost utopian setting, with the ful of the village mosque and church at dusk in a single frame, symbolizing the ideal of peaceful existence between the Christians and Muslims.

And then after being utterly devastated, it brings you back to laughter. JR October 9, at 8: One nightwhile they were all watching TV in the wilderness, there were news about Muslim and Christian armed conflicts in Lebanonwhich faced by a subconscious or may be collective conscious attempt hallx2 the women to distract everyone from it, by creating little quarrels!

PipAndSqueak 30 June I need to get my hands on a copy of this! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Et Maintenant, On Va Ou?

fll This movie is really amazing and it is a proof of how great Lebanese cinematography can be! The team of writers, including director and co-star Nadine Labaki, is just great. The question of the international title of the movie can also be taken literally. But trust me on this, you will certainly not regret it.

The beautysimplicity and classiness of the those women charactersmakes you love themthinklaugh and cry with them. Lebanese cinematic talent has not been given much room to grow. The movie was engaging, the music was wonderful, and the actors, some of them amateurs, transported us to their village life, successes, and tribulations in so many ways.

In a tour-de-force performance, Steve Martin plays Reverend Jonas Nightengale, a slick-as-oil flimflam man who’ll trade salvation for a donation to his touring ministry. I seriously doubt that, rather I think it is the thing that the world would like to see about Lebanon; an exotic Kusturica-style village with the ‘typical’ Lebanese strife.

The JR Express

The movie left me speechless, it was simply one of the best movies I have watched in my life. I am a big fan of IMDb. Nadine Labaki really did a good weih on this one. I wish one day on this planet, there will be dein more “us and them” because we are fellow inhabitants of the Earth and we share both splendor and travail on it.

I watched “where do we go now” on Monday at the Stockholm Film Festival.

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The script is so strong it will turn you bipolar. I would like to quote this from a Toronto. Nadine Labaki, you deserve more than the few minutes of applause the people in the movie theater gave you. In a small village in Lebanon, Christians and Muslims live peacefully side by side. All the people in the village lived happily together far away from all the sectarians problems until some events happened and this is the driver of the movie. And then there is Lysistrata, again another unconfessed adaptation mixed with unconfessed homages to directors, scenes, styles In the salon their intimate and liberated conversations revolve around men sex and motherhood between haircuts and sugar waxing with caramel.

It’s all too seldom that we who are not in the middle of a internal civil war such as this get to see a window into the world that is trying to hang on to it’s sanity, not yet having fallen over the precipice into full scale chaos. You can’t pinpoint exactly the source of beautyit’s all the factors combined.

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