Hans Kupfer warns his son to see reason. Married at First Sight. Hans advocates a peaceful response, but his moderate attitude stands in stark contrast to the hardline views espoused by Falk. Falk cuts a deal with Schnyder, and Martin finally learns who was behind Anna’s abduction. Privately, Hans has long since distanced himself from the party line. Falk has made Wolff his personal target and orders his colleague Major Rothals to run surveillance on him. Hans asks Katja Wiese for another interview, feeling while Dunja Hausmann remains missing, disclosure of the true archives is his only hope against Gaucke’s counterfeits.

Martin sees the fall of the Wall as an opportunity to finally find his daughter, Anna. Martin gets a sworn statement from Johanna about the baby swap, but his lawyer tells him that even with this proof, forcing a paternity test will involve a long legal battle against the Simkows. Falk and Hans, watching the scenes on TV from Stasi headquarters, are horrified. Her health is not good; she has heart problems and is secretly taking pills. Hans advocates a peaceful response, but his moderate attitude stands in stark contrast to the hardline views espoused by Falk. While Hans is relieved that everything has gone peacefully, Falk struggles to keep his composure. See also TV Schedule. Hans is touched and, for the first time in years, embraces his son.

Martin Kupfer experiences the night of the November 9th, as if in a trance. In the Season 3 premiere, Martin finds a new lead in the search for his daughter and ventures into the West as the Berlin Wall falls.

It is November 9th, — the day the Wall falls. La La Land 6. Season 3 Episode Guide.

He tells Schnyder to make him a good offer and maybe they can do business. The Curse of Oak Island 2.

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saya Celebrating the German world cup victory as host nation, Roman Kupfer’s lover Svenja is killed when his Neonazi-gang clashes with a leftist street gang.

Her real reason — to do a photo-essay on the lives of regular East German citizens. Season 3, Episode 1 May 8, Roman Kupfer’s nocturnal Trabi-drag-race impresses a street gang which he joins, but gets wounded when they start a street fight against Turkish youngsters, his After Martin and Katja Wiese return Lisa home from Milan, her modeling agency demands compensation, butt Katja threatens with an article exposing the debauchery. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Falk Kupfers alter Stasi-learned blackmail methods made Promittas the leading insurance in east Germany and his romance with unsuspecting physio-therapist Petra deepens, but tormented by guilt, he resolves to help Hans, yet his mother Marlene refuses to disclose what happened to Mischa Liebermann.

Given the current wessensee situation, another Stasi escapade could trigger a catastrophic escalation.

Beside himself with rage, he goes to confront his brother. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

Season 3 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3.

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Gaucke, another advocate of violence, is relieved of duty, and Falk promoted to Stasi chief in his place. Katja offers to help, and she and Martin become closer. Vera and Nicole ponder who the Stasi mole in the Democratic Forum could be.

Nevertheless, the borders remain open. Seasin, Vera and Nicole suspect the Stasi of detaining Robert.

See also TV Schedule. Married at First Sight.

Martin Kupfer is still having terrible nightmares. Season 3, Episode 5: Without delay, he stages the disappearance of Robert Wolff as the suicide of a man in the throes of severe depression, hiding pills in his apartment and forging a suicide note.

In order to support Martin further in his claim for a paternity test, Katja looks into the whereabouts of Dr. Her informants tell her that the doctor now lives in London. Falk is in a wheelchair since Dunja Hausmann shot his leg cripple, but is hired as consultant by western insurance company Promittas for his Stasi-competences, under alias Schmitt; thus physio-therapist Petra Zeiler knows him and admires his spirit, ignoring he belonged to the StaSi which has jailed her for a flight In the meantime, for their own peace of mind, the Simkows have had a paternity test.

Season 4 of The Weissensee Saga is planned to begin production in Berlin next year, for a premiere.

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At a meeting of the Democratic Forum, the evidence against Wolff is presented, and Vera makes a startling confession about her own time as a Stasi informant.

Season weissense, Episode 1: Season 3, Episode 6: The Best Jokes of the Oscars weisssnsee. Vera asks him point blank if Falk is his Stasi controller. His wife Marlene, on the other hand, is taking the collapse of the state very hard.

Mother Vera fails to console Roman or deter him weissennsee joining the gang’s violent revenge plans, but turns to ex Falk, who chases the cowards away and reconciles with his son. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Purely by chance and unknown to them, she takes a picture of Falk and Rothals forcing Robert Wolff into a car.

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