Not sure of an easy way to get those to OP though. After going head to head combat with Raven, Thomas’s Dibison is completely totaled and barely makes it near to a familiar Gustav. Van and Fiona go to a nearby village, where Captain O’Connell and his men found a whole truck load of stone tablets which may lead to Zoid Eve. After taking out the Desert Heldigunners and getting Zeke back safe and sound, Van and the rest are trying to make it to the capital without any of the Imperials spotting him. The line was abruptly discontinued in August Colonel Herman gets an idea to sin the Death Stinger into molten magma, with some strategic bombing the crust will break and the Death Stinger will fall into the magma. They had Command Wolves resting in the back to take out the Blade Liger if he makes a move.

Then, Thomas, Irvine and Van do some exercise and keep doing those over and over. Due to the lack of marketing and the relatively high prices of the models, Robostrux was rather short-lived. Irvine volunteers to get the vaccine back. Zoids Discord Visit our Wiki! The Desert Alcavaleno gang finds Metlenick’s hideout and they also find out they are doing a serious co-operative mission to make it look like the rebels had done it. Episode list using the default LineColor. Rosso and Viola can not find Rudolph anywhere and went searching for him. In the meantime, Irvine takes on Raven and his Saber Fang with his multiple missile diffusion system.

All the while, Thomas was stranded in the middle of nowhere. He also tells Fiona after that she would be working with the ancient ruins study team again with him instead of this Guardian Force Team.

Van and the rest were going off to the Guerrial Ruins. Many cities were destroyed as they were swallowed in large areas, sinking underwater. Van then leaves the restaurant with Fiona and the clever boy he is, he knows he is being followed by someone. Prior to the anniversary, this story was released as a book series titled Zoids Concept Art in After the fierce bout with Raven, Van decides to take a break with centurg Emperor himself, Rudolph.


In earlyanother new Zoid line was launched, to tie into the Zoids: He takes them out with ease. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Later, Captain Sephers shows his ugly face again, and this time, he points a gun at McMahon and tells him that they will search his house. Van runs away after Irvine tells him he can not use his Command Wolf. I have torrented copies from almost 10 years ago.

In a nice scheme to get the outlaws out, Thomas gets a Gustav and makes Beek operate it, while both he and Van are inside the Liger and Dibson.

Seeking to repair it, Ruuji sets off on a journey to find a mechanic capable of fixing a generator.


They are going to use Van as a decoy and then when gets Rudolph on to the hover board and then Irvine will launch an assault from up above using his 60 mm Long Range Cannon. Released inMechabonica was technically not a Zoids line, but is counted as such by collectors as it consisted of three models that would later be re-released as the first three Zoids Garius, Elephantus, and Glidoler. In this valley there is a pulse that gets emitted that makes the zoids not work properly.

Earth technology made its way to both sides, accelerating the arms race and making for many stronger Zoids. Then, if that was not bad enough, they have a road block set up just in case Van and the others run by.

I watched it when it was on in the afternoon, and I set my VHS to record it when it came on at 5am CST after [adult swim] ended for the night. Unknowingly, he gives Emperor Rudolph a noogie.

Where can I find English Subbed episodes of the original Zoids (Chaotic Century)?

All he had left was one blade and all Raven had zoidw was the charged particle gun. D explains how the gravity cannon works. His son took over the reins, driving the Republic forces back to the Eastern Continent. Then Stinger comes out in a Light Pink Saber Fang completely loaded up with ammunition and takes out the Guysack easily. It does not matter if it’s a Republican or Imperial one.

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Van, alive and makes it to a village but the people there do not help him. With his new Zoids and mystery companion in tow, Van sets out to discover the girl’s identity and become a great Zoid pilot like his father before him. He tells both Van and Irvine to get in their zoids because the so called enemy was coming, his grandson on a bike. The village has hired Irvine as a protector, spurring Van to prove himself just as capable when the bandits launch their attack. In the test run, it took out the Saber Fangs and Helcats within a couple of minutes.

Irvine finds out what they are carrying and demands an explanation but before that happens, he gets knocked out. Before the test run, Fiona wanted to talk about something very strange happening to Zeke. Beneath the iceberg, there is a large Imperial submarine. Zlids piloting a Pteras and Moonbay piloting a silver Pteras, they were monitoring the Hammer Kaizer. Moonbay, Thomas epsiodes Fiona arrive at the cliffs to find Hiltz has unleashed an ancient scorpion type zoid, the Death Stinger.

He goes and meet them by himself, and gets beaten pretty badly.

It pisses me off and they just want chaogic answer Van and the rest find out much about the really sick kids are being infected by a disease called Gafki-Carl Fever, but the only problem is the vaccine was taken by some bandits. Van and the Blade Liger put their boosters on all the way.

As the Imperial Army is getting closer, Captain Herman is swimming really fast to warn their side about the attack from the Empire. Raven is not the Raven that Van knew back in Chaotic Century, he has been psychologically effected by the loss he received.

Then the cebtury had happened to Van, Fiona and Zeke. Van and Thomas make great time chaoic Thomas runs into his brother. After a vicious duel at the first, sjbbed Irvine and Van stop and try to wash on a nearby lake. D tells Van about the legend on how the city will awake. Initially, the Zoids were divided into two distinct factions, the Helic Republic and the Zenebas Empire. Back at the campsite, where Fiona had fused with Zeke and left right into the remains of the Shield Liger trying to resurrect the Shield Liger.

As Van and Fiona enter another town, they go to the security office, to get the briefing for their next mission, but when chaotiic enter, they find out that Thomas is already there. The Lost City is accessible for a short amount of time.

Shadow sees something in the sky, which turns out to be the two Storm Sworders from before. He calls in Thomas Schubaltz. While watching with his comrades, Stinger Thomas finds out that Van is slacking off.

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