I hope no one exploring BDSM thinks the last couple of books is an example of a loving relationship between two equal humans. And I think it’s time you gave me your number. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. He was an awesome Dom and super sexy when he took control. A scar can be left on the skin or on the soul from wounds inflicted. I don’t feel passion or chemistry with these characters; so little depth, it was just reading words on a page. If I have done what he did to Holt after the backpack confrontation my mom would have tanned my hide for being so disrespectful.

Dec 31, Debra Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: Everything was too rushed and their sexual encounters left me cold, which is saying a lot considering that BDSM usually ruffles my feathers – sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. Beginners in the BDSM lifestyle. The next night, I had a similar experience. Shelve Lean on Me. So, for THAT part of the book, this is a 1 star. View all 15 comments.

Cherise Sinclair makes you fall in love with the characters and gives you different levels of submission. She stumbles across a private club where she meets the swoon-worthy Master Z, who leads her on a gentle exploration of the kinky side of sex and teaches her to push her boundaries and live a little.

Shelve Beneath the Scars. This is where she meets Master Z, a Dom, she is immensely attracted to. On a cold rainy night, Jessica D, a plain Jane accountant, ran out of luck when her car ended up stuck in a ditch. This is a great introductory into the genre. This book has only sex in it. Like, fucked up along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ll stop, you get the point. Where can I get some of that?

That said, we don’t really get to know Jessica or Master Z – Zach – in depth, but we do get a good sense of their characters, and come to like them, from their interactions.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I also had a hard winclair believing Jessica to be a submissive. After a car crash, a young woman takes shelter in a strange house, Which turns out This was a fun introduction to the Masters of the Shadowlands series Shelve To Command and Collar. This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Fledglings having flown the nest, Cherise, her beloved husband, and one fussy feline live in the Pacific Northwest where nothing is cozier than a rainy day spent writing.

Walking around she is a hellcat with an attitude and a mouth to match.

Masters of the Shadowlands Series

Exactly what kind of club is this? There is an added element to the series: I was so pleasantly ccherise. Master Z, I will admit was freaking hot. Just to tie up all the ends. Books by Cherise Sinclair. Masters of the Shadowlands Series by Cherise Sinclair. What she’s stumbled into is a private BDSM club. The Doms aren’t sadists, they’re more romantically inclined, patient and follow the idea that bondage and whipping etc.

Beginners in the BDSM lifestyle. After Kari breaks up with her date during Beginne… More. So far all her books that I have read I really enjoy and can’t put them down!!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But Master Z takes her under his wing to show her around and teach her the rules – and hopes for something more from her. There are a bunch of siclair into different situations going on whipping, caning, spanking and I liked how Zachary and Jessica’s relationship developed into more. Having to repeatedly switch my mind from the perspective of consenting adults to a child’s perspective absolutely ruined this for me.

View all 6 comments. This book is a good introduction into that world of BDSM.

So now that I’ve re-read this book, what can I add to my previously fuzzy memory? When trying to save a woman from slavers, Sam scr… More.

Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair

Short but still pack with all that heat. The writing was easy, the characters were interesting and this book was a perfect way to take a break from my depressing and masochistic reading.

Master Z and Jessica. I enjoyed Paranormal Romance.

But it’s not the basis for a personality. Apr 22, Rin W. Her bartender persona and indecisive-author persona did not jive. In her tour of the club, she sees that there are many different ways of exploring BDSM, and learns that the subs, whether they’re women or men, are willing participants.

View all 15 comments. Showing of reviews. I have never rolled my eyes at a book more in my whole life! When Jessica finds herself stuck in her car in the middle of the storm, she seeks shelter in a private club for the night.

Jessica Jessica was a really lovable heroine. I really liked Zachary. View all 12 comments. This short introductory novel into the world of Club Shadowlands, the first in a series, is fun in a distinctly titillating way.

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