Iceburg gives his opinion that Franky is hiding because if he were asked face to face to join the crew, he would not be able to refuse; he wants to go but thinks of staying in Water 7 as his responsibility. They inform them of Luffy’s location and instruct them on how to lower the courthouse’s drawbridge. Reminded of himself when he was young and tried to stop the sea train from carrying away his mentor, Franky agrees as Luffy attempts to ensure the cyborg’s escape by restraining Lucci to no avail. Anime Series Episodios Sueltos. The Franky Family decides to lower it. Above them, Luffy’s Gear Second is put into action against Bluno, while his crew fight their way upstairs. There, Blueno is awaiting his arrival.

After Zoro rescues the family, the foster mother allows him to return to “his family” before chasing after him to give him back his shirt. Share this Rating Title: I got chills when chopper gave non-stopping punches to kumadori: I think the Chopper Kumadori fight is one of my favorites in this arc, however, Fukurou and Blueno were also quite amazing in their own ways. While the Straw Hats struggle to hold their own against those among Buster Call’s fighting elite who have Devil Fruit powers, an unmasked Usopp sees Luffy lying in the dust in front of Lucci. He insists that Sanji taste some of his cooking, Sanji worried by the old man’s cooking style yet amazed by the flavor. Zoro notes that they should remain in case the navy focuses on them while waiting for Luffy.

Luckily, before a fight could ensue, Hockera, Albelle, and Salchow choppet to activate a trapdoor that sends Zoro to where the other imprisoned Straw Hats are placed save Robin. Zoro notes that they should remain in case the navy focuses on them while waiting for Luffy. But at the last second, an explosive projectile hits the back of Spandam’s head.

He insists that Sanji taste some of his cooking, Sanji worried by the old man’s cooking style yet amazed by the flavor. Photos Add Image Add an image Cjopper you have any images for this title?

Mugiwara Ichimi no Sakebi!! It was scary to watch Chopper behave like an absolute monster in a burning room at that. Afterwards, after he and others encourage him to get strong epiode to capture them, Coby takes his leave while telling Luffy that he will meet him again in the New World.

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Lastly, they encounter a group of bounty hunters, called the Atchino Family. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

The Buster Call Invoked! The Motive of the World Government! The fight between Nami and Kalifa climaxes when the former unveils her Fata Morgana ability and the latter makes a final attempt to take Nami and her illusion clones out by sweeping cho;per room with a tidal wave of bubbles.

Retrieved on June 11, The fact that it makes sense that he could even do it and the fact that, at least I think it was foreshadowed with Lucci’s transformation and the reasonable assumption that too much rumble ball sends his epiaode out of control. Zoro no Dotabata Kaji Tetsudai ” Japanese: Too bad he can’t control it.

However, even these overly large humans can do little against the giants’ power and are quickly defeated.

Elsewhere, Brindo and Canpacino are forced to cease their fight with Luffy when they received a call of their father kkmadori in a bad mode.

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Most of the townspeople have gathered there, hoping to catch the one cake containing a precious jewel. The Australian Season Five sets were renamed Collection 22 through The Terror of the Buster Call! Sanji’s Full Course of Foot Techniques! Zoro and Usopp’s backstories are summarized. Though the fishermen attempt peisode retreat, the Straw Hats’ refused to let them leave when they assumed they kidnapped Chopper.

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In the present, Robin admits her greatest fear: While he and his soldiers proceed to repair the wall he destroyed, Garp makes things more astonishing by revealing that Luffy was saved from Captain Smoker in Loguetown by Monkey D. Continuing their fight there, Jabra attempts to trick Sanji into lowering his guard by offering him his key with a made-up story of being Robin’s long-lost brother.

Luffy’s gonna kick his ass. But allowing himself to be captured, believing that the soldiers are “guilty of being weak”, Lucci murdered all five hundred hostages before executing the pirate’s captain to resolve the matter.

Seigyo Funou! Chopper Kindan no Rumble

After a grueling struggle, Luffy finally defeats Don Accino with a red-hot Bazooka. Although Gomorrah was blinded, he continues on. Eppisode on July 16, Nami no Sekai Chizu ” Japanese: Blackbeard than overwhelms Ace who making him another offer to join his crew.

Nami, Sanji, and Chopper are on their way to the shogun’s castle, delivering a large quantity of rice cakes to be thrown from the castle. All episodes of the second part of the “Enies Lobby” arc and after have since aired without an ending theme.

When Usopp arrives, he attempts to rejoin chopper crew as if nothing happened with his words falling on deaf ears. While Luffy yells in the background, Franky decides to make Robin face him. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Audible Download Audio Books.

During that time, prior to swimming in the Galley-La pool, Nami learns of the Navy’s means to ship safety through Episore infested waters of the Naval scientist Vegapunk. Both swordsmen decide to finish this fight, with Zoro the victor as he unveils his new sword-style: Franky continues to explain that he bought the fragment of Adam to create a “dream ship” and decided to give his creation to the Straw Hats for their use.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: In front of the courthouse, Yokozuna succumbs to the jurymen’s attacks.

The send-off for the scene with Franky coming face to face with a giant monster Chopper gripping the mangled body of Kumadori before tossing him off the building into a crowd of navy men who can’t believe choppper happening was the perfect send-off.

Though Franky tries to brave through the antagonizing torture, he is confronted by Iceburg revealing that the only real reason why he wants to stay is out of guilt and needs to forgive himself so he can join the Straw Hats and see his dream through. A reporter visits the Straw Hat crew to interview them about the food on the ship before Sanji joined.

Anticipating that the other Straw Hats would take the underground passage, Lucci tears a hole into a wall of the underwater chamber to flood the passageway as the Buster Call on Enies Lobby commences. The Sword’s Name is Sniperking?

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