Maybe the title even goes on from there! And so far, none of it contains E. You need to login to do this. Homoti The Other Turkish E. Who likes a choice? The ending to this review, where he states that the movie could have been a lot worse

Given that this a s picture, I’m sure it’s got some inappropriate music for the opening titles. The Snob explaining why the prospect of reviewing of the movie scares him: This one is just weird. He realizes that the phone number on the Nazi business card is an actual phone number. Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars. Well that’s going to cost him about ten wall flips. His reaction to Dr. The Snob’s recap of E.

The Cinema Snob 6×11 “Las Tortugas Pinjas (The Ninja Turtles Porno)” –

Until Bat Pussy gets there, we have to hear riveting line like this Oh, a classicStrip to Kill, and Commenting on Professor Frankenberry sounding more and more like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama near the end of the film, culminating with: How did you know? Cinema Snob riffs not just on Badi, but on the TV pop-ups that were recorded along with it.

The Dirty Old Man. Brazillian Pijjas of Oz? He just did you a favor – he stopped you from drinking a whole thing of Old Style!


Why do I have the feeling someone is now going to fuck a horse in this movie? And if you haven’t pas it Yeah, he only has Crystal Pepsi flowing through our ,as And if you’re five years old What truly sells the moment is when Snob looks over his shoulder at Lloyd A character dies through forced brain surgery, and the Snob says he would’ve preferred that to watching the movie.

As if there needed to be another review.

His review for Blood Ragemade funnier by that his voice keeps cracking throughout the review. This is the closest I’ve come to just simply snobbing two people fucking for an hour!

The Cinema Snob ( episodes) / Funny – TV Tropes

Frog singing “Hello Mah Baby! The actor playing Hitler does a surprisingly good job, leading the Snob tortutas look up the actor on IMDB, curious as to the actor’s place of origin. He discovers that the actor, Bobby Watson, is from Springfield, Illinois No, that’s the Quaker Oats curse! And this movie’s a lot shittier than Mac and Meso I’m guessing it was endorsed by Hardee’s.

This prompts him to take a look at said episode, only to be horrified by the terrible set, lame jokes and the Critical Research Failure.

So you see, Mrs.

Las Tortugas Pinjas

Let me guess, they’re going to replace Beethoven with “On Top of Spaghetti”! When the psychiatrist is having a conversation with the heroine’s demonically-possessed vagina, the Snob cuts to a shot of Lloyd lounging on the floor every time the vagina is talking.

He decides to call the number, only to be greeted by a loud clip of Adolf Hitler giving a speech, causing him to drop his phone in surprise.

Keep Up The Lust E. Will something hilarious happen, please? He wants to lay around the house all day, and he’s no good.

I’m not even kidding here. But that can be fixed His reaction to Dear Leader’s accent: Jerrid as Detective Bolla: Sexthen I’m going to write my 34th angry letter to Ted V. You need to login to tortugws this. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter. That’s for shooting me in the kneecap last year!

Who likes a choice?

Yeah, well, what was she doin’, takin’ yer temperature in yer pussy? When the aliens destroy a bunch of cities on Earth, using some very old stock explosions as in “the movie is in color but the stock footage is in black and white” old.

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