Run to the end, then down, and all the way back left and stop on the E06 Flowers. Grab the Heart Framers at K11 and G06 for four more shots. Grab the Heart on L Well, it just comes down to, as usual, effective blocking. If you line up vertically, Rocky will charge you and a rapid speed. It will still block the Don Medusa and it will help out later. Member feedback about Index of Windows games E: You can pass the Gol at H02 by running down through the open space at H

When a Leeper touches you, it will fall asleep on the spot. You need to collect these heart-shaped objects called Heart Framers usually to open a chest. Jump onto land at K10 or so. Using either a general midi or a sound board, or having none. Next, push another Emerald Framer into B Egg it, and push it into Snakey’s position of K

Adventures of Lolo 3 NES sequel.

USe them to your advantage in evading mobile enemies. Ride the raft all the way up. Remember – you can still block an enemy with an Emerald Framer if it is only halfway covering them They will speed up by rolling into a ball when you line up horizontally with them – and they will kill you if they connect.

Depending on the game, these single-screens are either presented in a tower format or a labyrinth format.

Push it left to the other Snakey’s position, C03 right next to the Medusa. Grab the Heart Framer at B02 for two more shots.

Collect three Heart Framers for arrow power. Run to the Heart Framer at F07, between the flowers. But this guide is the basis for Eggerland and Lolo guides to come.

Head to position D03, beneath the Snakey that is below the Medusa. Run up episoe the bridge to C Push the Framers at I05 and H06 up one space each. The Snakey should respawn on the little island, position G Now, this is often towards a Medusa or some other danger. Push the Crystal Framer at G06 down one.

Eggerland Episode 0: Quest of Rara

The first “Snakey, at position C07 farthest from the Medusa should be shot once and pushed down one and left under the Medusa D Just put the number at the end of EES. Take the door at L It is based on the Japanese Eggerland video game epiosde.

It provides you with some Magic Shots. You slow down over sand, while enemies generally do not. Wait for the Don Medusa eggerland be at the top of its path and finish pushing this block in half a space. Trap the bottom Snakey in an egg this is the Snakey at L03 and push eggwrland into the water. It should deflect off to the right onto another Framer K11 and it will hit a dark wedge and bounce into another Medusa L11 and egg it.

USe them where they are needed, not indiscriminately. Push the Emerald Framer that is now in H05 left two spaces. This means that if you hadn’t looked for a way to stop them before getting everything, your path to victory may be blocked by Skulls. ehgerland

Grab the chest while the Medusa is in the egg. To see sggerland about this change, read more here. When you grab a chest, you can leave the stage from a given direction. When you beat Stage 32, you’ll experience an ending. Push the Framer at E08 up one, the Framer at E07 left one. Now, head to the D05 Emerald Framer.

Eggerland (Franchise) – Giant Bomb

Push the Emerald Framer at J08 right one, then up three to F The tower games, such as the Adventure of Lolo series, are simply a linear path through a series of single-screen stages.

Since the arrow is flipped at the bottom, we’ll be placing this at some lower skulls. This will protect you from the Medusas above you, at both the 04 and 05 positions. You should have two shots. The exit is at L Wait until you are enar the Emerald Framer to jump off this is E11, the Framer at E10 and push left into the E;isode dislodge it and get onto land. Push it now up beside the first Snakey you moved, probably at position F Comment eggetland Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

Push it left into the water and ride its egg.

You cannot complete the room that A11 leads to from below. Grab the Heart Framer on the right only, and get out. Follow along on Row C.

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