Shijou saikyou no deshi I just came across it during a serious spring anime discussion and some guy brought it up. Diclonii seem to be predisposed to violence and will often attack any human they are exposed to. She needs a plan to survive her doomed fate, and time is running out. It’s not exceptionally pervy, but there are a lot of sensual moments which some younger viewers look over , and there’s a lot of character interaction-based drama in the plot. Recently i became a big fan of Harem anime.

Ah My Goddess 3. Or is there something more to this new life she received? Please avoid single word responses, Thanks! It doesn’t go well. Flourite , alongside fellow voice actor Chris Sabat Kurogane , had actually made the announcement at the Anime Milwaukee convention in Wisconsin in March. Yu Yu Hakosho or w. Hopefully I left something to recommend.

Even worse, every character except Charlotte was just a typical anime archetype. It’s about dead people who go to school and fight supposed angels. It’s got style, humor, action, the soundtrack of god. It won an Oscar! KatanagatariIts a little wordy, but its fucking amazing, and captivating.

Along with his partner Jim and the lovely Melfina, Gene must fight his way across the galaxy battling pirates, eplsode and assassins as he attempts to discover the secrets of the Outlaw star. They are very common in anime conventions. P That’s all for now.

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei There is a drama for this one too. Comic Party Revolution The ghost happens to be Fujiwara no Sai, a member of the court during the Heian period. Tales of eternia He is enrolled into the afterlife school and meets a girl named Yuri who invites him to join the Afterlife Battlefront—an organization she leads which fights against God.

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Storm rider clash And taking on the role of his remedial studies tutor is ankmecrazy other than aninecrazy top student on campus and a bookworm who is completely out of touch with pop culture, Lin Fan! Neither knows who the other is. Rather, the story just isn’t that solid to me. Dirty pair flash No one has special powers, swords, fighting abilities of any kind, or having the power to lift heavy objects with one hand and chuck it half way across the universe.

Enter your animectazy terms. Korean fighter manhwa that’s really interesting, i got instantly hooked, slightly reminds me of GTO because of the “teacher” Veritas: Yoshioka Futaba memiliki beberapa alasan mengapa ia ingin “Mengulang” karakter dan hidupnya sebagai seorang siswa sekolah menengah baru.

That is one vile episode. I have eoisode scratching my head all the time about Higurashi. Love hina 10 But I gotta say, onemanga always updates their mangas everyday, plus it doesn’t use any fancy programs for reading City Prince epiisode Amazon Princess Author: Shining Tears X Wind She wants to fulfill a last wish of hers that nobody knows of in the beginning.

The list never lies. I need some action and comedy. P And reborn FTW: Often episodes need to be rewatched in order to fully absorb everything. D Hehehe I was like wtf I kinda hate it It’s not anything like what I’m looking for.

Find More Posts by RayChuang. Now he has been sent back to Green University to improve his image, under the threat of being fired if he doesn’t score 90 points or above on each subsequent test. Cyber city oedo The only way out is to make it through the floors of Aincrad and episodf the game.

Also watch Haru’s Talk Show on the anime which is the last minutes of every show after the ending theme starts around episode 30 something, I forgot. Meaning, it’s impossible to pull off Hey did anyone seen Fairy tail?

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Battle athletes victory Froot you’re not the only one Stream Flow into Dream Author: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Lucy, a Diclonius, escapes from a government facility that is holding her and washes up on a nearby beach.

Romeo x juliet So, do you like vampires? He finally gets a break though, as he’s sent by his company to the tropical seas of Eastern China to deliver a disc.

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