From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Funded by Sandra, the team constructs new vehicles and embarks back below the Earth’s surface, tracking D’Compose and Tendril to the city of the Granites, where an ensuing battle frees Metlar from Magnokor’s hold. Afterwards, Metlar is once again trapped within Magnokor’s magnetic field at Granite City. Disc two contains the remaining eight episodes. She was voiced by Susan Silo. Senator Masterson’s declared candidacy for the presidential race is met by a hostile public reception, prompting Blackthorne and the Inhumanoids to conspire to use intimidation tactics to terrify the other presidential contenders into withdrawing.

Mutores are elemental beings who long ago sent the evil Inhumanoids into subterranean confinement, presently lending assistance to Earth Corps when the monsters resurface. Inhumanoids and Jem surpassed their fellow “Super Sunday” offerings by going on to be expanded into independent full-length shows. Donning a redesigned magnetic suit, Blackthorne once more foolishly gambles to control Metlar, scarcely managing to slip away when the furious Inhumanoid turns on him. He never had a domain of his own, but he did command an army of subterranean creatures called the Langastoids kinda like barbarian mollusk-men whom he kept under control by feeding their addiction to human junk food. Action – adventure Science fiction Superhero. Metlar toppled the Gagoyle into a molten chasm where it is believed to have perished.

The Movie My Little Pony: Unfortunately, the series ended before he could be further developed. A slimy hybridization somewhere between a mollusk episoxe a walking mass of seaweedhe can regenerate his vine -like limbs — large enough pieces will even grow into new Tendril monsters — and he is episod to alter his size at will. The show in its day had a lot of Family-Unfriendly Violence and remains a great source of scares.

His gearhead tendencies are set aside when he meets the eyes of film actress Stella Blaze during a subterranean rescue mission, and the two are instantly smitten, wedding shortly thereafter. Inhu,anoids most 80’s cartoons, inhumanods was based on an accompanying toylinewhich was made by Hasbro. The Earth Corps member code-named Liquidator returns to Big Sur in search of further clues to the origin of these monsters, whereupon he discovers a race of sentient trees, the Redwoods, who explain that they are members of a subterranean population known as Mutores, and that their kind sealed the evil Inhumanoids Tendril and D’Compose beneath the Earth ages ago.

Other guest Inhumanoids appeared infrequently throughout the series. The computer ends up freeing the Inhumanoid instead, exhibiting its own acquired sentience, soon rebuilding itself into the improved Cypheroid using technology stolen from Earth Corps. The Gagoyle was discovered by Nightcrawler and Blackthorne Shore, who learned of the creature through ancient scriptures that directed them to a volcanic cave.

D’Compose professes his undying love for an undead Sandra Shore, 1 tries to romance a robotic movie prop, while a starry-eyed Metlar steals away to his molten abode with the Statue of Liberty in his misbegotten embrace.

Cartoon Endurance – The Inhumanoids: The Evil That Lies Within (Part 3/5)

Headstrong and easily riled, he frequently argues with Dr. Having pilfered the Earth Corps’s engineering schematics via his ties to Masterson, Blackthorne joins the fray, now equipped with his own battle-suit whose magnetic powers he wields against Metlar, only to be derailed by Tendril’s interference while Sandra falls victim to the mutative touch of D’Compose.

Edward “The Fist” Auguttercodename ‘Auger,’ is the bald-headed member of the team, a distinguished archaeologist and Earth Corps’ resident mechanic, constructing the team’s protective exosuits and weaponry. Metlar is then forced to ally himself with Earth Corps in order to defend Infernac against a retaliatory Soviet strike, which would have destroyed the planet had it not been averted. Some millenniums past in backstory revealed in episode 12Metlar overthrew his former master, Sslither, and led the Inhumanoids against the Mutores in a war that raged across the planet.

They were a very small, tight-knit cast of personalities, unlike the legions of Joes or Autobots whom we barely got to know, and they all played off each other differently. Tendril was the comedy-relief Inhumanoid and played as a hulking, grunting imbecile.

A Real American Hero. Episodee, Metlar is once again trapped within Magnokor’s magnetic field at Granite City. Restored to normalcy by the intervention of Earth Corps, Ramirez is initially keen to remain on the scene as an observer, but he reconsiders when awarded with threats of physical violence from Auger.

He teams up and falls out with all five of the Inhumanoids on separate occasions, uses and gets used by a crooked episofe named Senator Masterson, and is even usurped by his own lackey, Nightcrawler. His pugilistic nature extends to having apparently been an amateur boxer before joining Earth Corps — he “traded in his golden gloves for a power drill” according to a character summary short at the end of one episode.

Three months later, Nightcrawler teams with Blackthorne and the Inhumanoids as they set aside their differences in order to sabotage the presidential election: In later dealings, Blackthorne salvages the inhumanouds of Dr.

Inhumanoids: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Tank reappeared in the “final battle” against the Inhumanoids to offer his assistance to Earth Corps when Blackthorne Shore took control of Metlar and Magnokor: Blackthorne then instructs inhjmanoids crooked Senator Masterson to eliminate Earth Corps’ funding and turn over the blueprints for their technology, using that knowledge to construct a suit of magnetic armour.

This article has multiple issues. Knights of the Magical Light.

Wizard Magazine, August 18, My Little Pony Secondary: He never had a domain of his own, but he did command an army of subterranean creatures called the Langastoids kinda like barbarian mollusk-men whom he kept under control by feeding their addiction to human junk food. Granok and Epiode Granitary both John Stephenson were usually all about opposing the Inhumanoids, but a more self-interested politician named Granahue Latta would often use his influence to sway the Granite masses in a pacifistic direction.

Visually, eepisode show was distinctive for its application of heavy shadow, use of split-screens, and sometimes brow-raising for its gory content, such as monstrous amputations or inhumanoirs deaths by corrosive acid, which would be hard-pressed to sneak their way into contemporary “children’s hour” programming.

Luckily, Tank and Sabre Jet arrive at the eleventh hour to save the day.

Rounding out the primary heroes was Liquidator William Callawaythe chemist of the team. The Redwoods were naturally foes of Tendril because they were a race of plant-creatures. This reptilian behemoth was locked in hibernation within an Indonesian temple until he was finally liberated by the innumanoids of Blackthorne Shore. A corrupt politician kept on Blackthorne Shore’s moneyed leash, Masterson is introduced by first name alternately as “Charles,” “Theodore,” and “Wilfred” in different episodes.

This race of strange mollusk creatures dwells in inhumanoies in a city beneath the Earth, demonstrating a culture of commerce and a special fondness bordering on addiction for junk food from the surface world.

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Earth Corps manages to escape and forms an alliance with the Granites. He could also trap people behind his ribcage because oh god, this guy. Tendril and D’Compose are two of those eldritch abominations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Earth Corps is forced to ally themselves with Metlar to epiode the welfare of the planet. Though Blackthorne Shore prevents eepisode other Earth Corps members from reaching Auger in time to rescue him, Sabre Jet rockets onto the scene, snatching up Auger and saving his life with only seconds to spare.

Following a climactic battle, D’Compose is re-sealed in amber casing and Tendril is imprisoned by the Granites. He got all the onhumanoids lines and was generally the most violent and fun protagonist. Ramirez makes further appearances reporting on the disasters caused by the inversion of Earth’s magnetic field and in coverage of Senator Masterson’s presidential press conference. Joe fighter pilot, Ace. Thereafter struck by an electrical bolt from Sslither, Nightcrawler flees the battle.

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