After dropping down to the lower area and destroying the droids there, two Droidekas will appear. After leaving the control room, turn back toward the beginning of the exterior walkway to find the canister. Waste them, then have TC use the panel here. More droids are stationed at intervals down the hallway. Not far from the starting point, find a side path to the right, off the main route. Force the ship on the ground to make it fly through the force field. Don’t have an account?

It is placed in the hole marked by green lights. Double jump as Jar Jar back up to the high ledges via the first arm. Use the Force on the pieces of the broken column, repairing it from base to top, to make the canister appear. When the panel shows purple, combine the red and blue liquids. High Jump off it to grab the Mini-Kit. Use the protocol droid panel to open the door on the first left. Just to recap the requirements on the off chance you missed the information earlier.

Battle Over Coruscant The canisters are held in white pods that are scattered throughout the chapter.

Wait for 10 of them to bunch up, and throw a thermal detonator to destroy 10 of them at once. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:.

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Cross minikitz bridge to find the canister. Saber the droids good, then proceed down the hallway. Do the same with the purple handles down the next hallway for another Canister.

Inside the cave, destroy the clutter that blocks a passageway, and enter the maze-like room that is filled with force fields. How do I get past episode 5, chapter 1?

Look behind the starting point to find the canister. You are commenting using your WordPress. Revenge of the Sith. Use the Force to assemble the droid fighter, so it will fly over to the other side, past the force fields.

Enter the transport that just opened and you’re done! In the main hallway, use the second Threepio panel.

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Open the storage shed to the right to find the canister. Activate the protocol panel to move the lift, and while riding this lift, shoot the three target switches to open the case that has the canister.

After the first encounter with Maul and crossing the bridge, use the Force to repair the broken Naboo starfighter on the left side of the complets. Once the Droidekas are scrap, use the Force on either of the two wall ornaments on the sides of the force field to create platforms. Attack of the Clones. Activate the astromech panel to open the door, and enter the dark hallway.

As you go down the second hallway, you’ll see six purple markers along the walls. Fire in the hole! Answered Where can I find mini kit on episode 4 chapter 3? In the large semicircular chamber, the canister is above the lever in the rearmost short corridor on the right side. If you do, try going back through the list. Destroy the clutter blocking the alcove there to find the canister.

Grapple to the high walkway that leads to the canister. Use this to double jump through each of the cases and lower their fronts. After the narrow canyon with the arches, there is a episore slope.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

In the next room, hover across as an Artoo unit, then get onto the fighter and high jump up to the canister. Head past the protocol droid panel and activate all of the blue handles for the first Canister.

Have both characters step on the circular panels that correspond to the lit ones displayed on the wall, and repeat until the case holding the canister opens. The canister is lying in the open, on these ledges. In the opening hallway, hang a left and use the Threepio panel. In the final room, don’t defeat Dooku yet. At elisode cliffs, enter the vent as a kid to reach a lower ledge, where srar canister is located.

Use the Eposode on both levers to open this gate.

Answered Where ssga I find the mini kit in the crane room in ep 4 ch 1? The Sorcerer’s Stone Year 2: After using the Force on the gate to turn it into a platform, double jump as Jar Jar from this platform to reach the canister high up in the air. Activate it, and enter the maintenance room. From his position, grapple up to the high ledge with the canister, which is lying just above the hook.

After a set of four laser cannons, look for the canister along the narrow strips of land.

This achievement requires that you set off the 3 discos that are scattered throughout the game. In the large area of the hangar on the right side, Force the big block, then three little blocks on top of it.

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Across from the platform where Obi-Wan’s ship is, there is a smaller platform with a canister behind a force field. The canister is partially hidden behind a pillar on the ground level, to the left of where Padme is held or, from her perspective, to her right. Collect all available red bricks. This page of the walkthrough will take you through each of the games 6 movie levels and each of those levels chapters, in chronological order. Enter the maintenance room. Completing this chapter in Story Mode unlocks the following Characters: On the second lap, a racer crashes into the large rock that will fall over.

Send a Shortie up through the left-hand vent to find this at the end of the walkway. After destroying the droids in the back of the room, use a High Jumper to step on the cart and the other character will Force you, then jump to reach the Canister.

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