Hope IG is saving all their resources on this finale judging by the CG used in previous episodes. Anonymous Anon You mean the founder of the site? Which at least its something. Do any of you brahs watch Gundam? Kaiser-Eoghan Even though fruits baskets manga does have alot of bishounen characters, only one of them is actually seriously attracted to the protaganist. Hands down the best Manga’s I have read Considering I don’t read a lot, but starting to pick up the slack. And it’s Cat vs Cat I think ;. Those feels at the end of the series.

Just watched last episode of Bakuman, man what a beautiful ending. Anonymous Lenlo But for now, you’ll just have to grin and bear it when the next preliminary races prior to the Ekiden use CG for the background runners. January 16, at 6: Just finished Kotomi’s arc. That strain from the race must’ve gave him concern about if he’s able to run the Ekiden or not under this condition. OMG, fuking craziest chit I have ever read in a long time. I’m glad I did and have not looked back since. It only took me two years to grab it out of the graveyard

The second season had some great phaggytime.

As long as the production doesn’t derail itself, we’re in for a treat. Anonymous So I do have high hopes of this adaptation doing the novel justice and nailing the ending. The Les Mis anime is really good. If you’re into Black Lagoon, Phantom type shootout etc.

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There was a hilariously dumb scene where one of the mascots pull out double guns. How come you guys always feed the Trolls lol? Prob cause shonen gets dumped on by the elite lol, and not a lot of new seinen comes out that I’m aware of. But you have to admit, they don’t look good.

It seemed to be a good continuation of the story, still had the weird humor, random violence and strange story telling let the characters that were added were a great addition.

It’s nice to see Fujioka again. Lenlo I appreciate the keepin me in check though! Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai — 06 The treasurer of the ho council, Ishigami Yuu, finally got a proper introduction this week. However for the life of me I can’t remember the reason why he gave up being an A class fire demon to be some D rank with another eye.

Do you want to keep watching phaggytime as we call it? Not sure if they made an updated street fighter anime though. I’m out of work and finally saw that last pic from mikevalls post. Season 2 was a bit anilinkx imo. SuperMario Glad to here you have brand new one coming up Kaiser.

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Seem to have more effect and better viewing to me watching at night. I would happily have watched two more episodes of this arc in dororo. And sweet on the Naruto movie. One of the greatest OST’s imo. I remember there is a review somewhere on this blog of an anime adaptation of Les Miserables, I’ve only seen the film s adaptation though. However I would have preferred a full adaptation of Kare kano. Eureka 7 OST prepump for gym.

I got more emotional from angel beats than I did with clannad but part of that is because clannad’s ending didn’t sit well with me. Will be buying Manga shortly.

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Kaiser-Eoghan Oh my God! It was good seeing a more serious side to the twins and I think Haiji’s leg issues will provide some good drama. The novel reader is hoping for the same thing too judging by what he read ahead of the adaptation. D Not to mention the fact that the first half can be pretty slow, depending on the viewer.

Anonymous Miura’s other book, The Great Passage is only over pages long, which made fitting it into 11 episodes reasonable. Talk about high expectations. Vonter I do wonder if there has ever been stated how much time or pages you have in either medium.

Can’t lie, its true. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 21 so real Kakegurui was never about the mechanics nor tense stakes as it relies on […]. Vonter Kaiser-Eoghan – I’m glad at least it kept your interest.

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